Would you still have children even if...

For reasons outside their control, the Petersons had to give away their child for adoption after six months. It was their first born and they could see themselves in its features. It was to be their one and only since, shortly after birth, an accident struck them both and rendered them sterile.

The child grew with foster carers in a different continent. As a norm, children were brought up in a rigorous program of social integration. They were not left alone not even during sleep or whilst doing their necessities. The carers spoke a distant language, were from a different background, one with a different social standing, with values which conflicted with the Petersons’. The society around the child had a strikingly different organization, both economical and hierarchical. Why or how they worked was alien. Why or how they obeyed their leaders was beyond comprehension. It was an isolated country and had been so for ages due to its military strength.

The Petersons would be allowed to see their child again after 30 years if they so wished. Their child would know nothing about the first few months of living.

For reasons outside their control, the Davidsons knew they would suffer the same fate if they went ahead and had a child.

Would you?

Very odd scenario. Few parents want to raise their child for 6 months and then relinquish all control and send them to an alien land with different values never to be seen again until 30 years later. Not sure why you’re asking but it would be like asking me to suddenly send my 6 month old off to North Korea.

Before I could give an answer I’d have to understand what the question is. And whatever the OP is talking about isn’t clear to me.

Are you asking if I knew I would have to give up my child at age six months, would I have a child in the first place?

Are you asking if I would give up my child if I knew it would be going into a foster care system that would be different from what I might choose?

Are you asking if parents should fight giving up their children even if it’s “for reasons outside their control?”

My favorite quote from Nietzsche: “I did my children the favor of not having them.”