Would you vote for a crocodile-headed man?

If a candidate were running for president who spoke intelligently and eloquently, dressed respectably, and held the same position on issues that you have, but had the head of a crocodile, would you vote for him? From the neck down he’s totally normal, he just has a head which looks exactly like the head of a crocodile.

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Perhaps. Until he started to cry. Then I’d know he was fibbing.

I would worry he would consume my pet Zebra

I’d vote for a guy with a crocodile head on that fact alone. He doesn’t even need to speak well or anything like that. In fact, I’d probably vote for a real crocodile if you put a suit on it. Especially if the campaign ads were a video of you putting the suit on the crocodile. That’s something I’d like to see. Are you there FOX?

Didn’t Elton John wear a crocodile head once to do “Crocodile Rock”? I wouldn’t vote for him, though, because he’s British.

I heard Candidate X is actually an Alligator, but is trying to pass as a Crocodile!

I’d vote for him, just for the possibility that he’d do such a good job in office that he’d end up with his face on some money…or even Mt. Rushmore.

Would he wear a “nemes,” too?

Well, I’ve heard of some awful candidates before, but this one is definitely Offler!


Does he have any skeletons in his closet? Say, of gazelles or small wildebeests?

Is he pro-life or pro-waterhole ambushes?

Does he want votes, or worship? Is his name Ammut?

Who would run the country in the Winter when he was hibernating?
I bet if CNN caught him eating those live white rats like at the zoo, he wouldn’t be re-elected.

C’mon guys! He’s not an animal! He’s a human being!

Arthur: “But if the lizards are so cruel and mean to the people, why does anyone bother to vote for them?”
Ford Prefect: “Because the wrong lizard might get in.”

Being a native Egyptian and all, I don’t think a crocodile-headed man qualifies. Unless Arnie can get them to change the constitution, that is.

You mean one that looks like this:


…or one even less convincing-looking?

I think the biggest problem with alligator people is their inability to make human sounds. Having an official that comkmunicated with hisses and cannon-shot noises would have novelty at first, but it would wear off rapidly.

The truth is stranger than fiction… :wink:

I, for one, welcome our new crocodile-hea…oh, never mind.

Oh, I don’t know. It got “W” to the White House.*

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    • Hey, I’m usually defending the way he speaks. I’m allowed the occasional joke.

I just can’t see him kissing babies.