Would you wake up tomorrow weighing 150 pounds more than you do right now, and agree to stay...

that weight for 3 years, if by the end of the 3 years you received 500,000 dollars (non-taxed)?

Not unless it meant becoming a linebacker.

Is the added weight fat or muscle? Or is my present build scaled up?

Can I have the extra weight entirely in the form of penile extension?


Can I get a really big brain?

No. I am already quite overweight and that much MORE would be life-threatening. I’m too damned old to have that much more to try and lose after the 3 years-if I was still alive to enjoy that half million.

No. A million times no.

It feels so awful to be overweight. Both physically and mentally.

Makes me light headed just to think about it.

Fat, not muscle.

No way. That would more than double my weight. It would stretch out my skin and damage my health. If you made the offer somewhere in the tens of millions of dollars range, I might consider it, though.

Hell no then. Same as Renee, it would take way more to go through that kind of hell.

I think so. I lost 80 pounds, and although I would hate to gain double that, I could live with it if I got back to normal after three years and had that money to buy my house off with.

Nope - that’s getting on for doubling my weight. Unless you’re going to magically guarantee that the extra weight won’t kill me during the 3 years, or affect my long-term health afterwards, then it’s not even tempting.

Not a chance.

I’m already fat. An extra 150 probably wouldn’t kill me, but I’d be non-functional.

There is no amount of money you could offer me that would make me take that deal.

Absolutely not. I’m not sure there is any amount of money that would be worth the hell (for me) of being that overweight.

No, I already lost 75 pounds once. Not looking to have to go through that again x2.

No. That much more weight would pretty much destroy my ability to care for my child.

Suppose though that at the end of the 3 years you lose the extra 150 pounds overnight. And you are not left with any longterm medical sequelae from the extra poundage.

I’d think about it if I only had to do it for a year, but three years a long time.

I’m going to give a resounding ‘hell no’. My weight right now…adding 150lbs to it might as well be a death sentence. I wouldn’t be able to function at all during those three years and I’ve had such horrible luck getting off the weight I already have (as in no luck at all), that the thought of adding 150 to my already seemingly unobtainable goal is just…no.

Okay then, let’s ask the same question BUT change the time to ONE YEAR.

That is, you wake up tomorrow 150 pounds heavier, and must go 365 days at that weight. Then on day 365, you go back to your current weight. No longterm medical sequelae. And you could not explain the weight increase to anyone. At the end of the year, you’re awarded $500,000 cash. Any additional weight gained (above and beyond the 150 pounds) over the year would not be lost at the end of the deal.