Would you want to see your alternate timelines?

If you had the opportunity to see what your life would have been like had you made different decisions somewhere along the line, would you?

I’ve posed this question to many people and most have said no.

Option #1:
You could see the alternate timeline, have some time to contemplate it, and then have it erased from your memory.

Option #2:
Find a timeline you like and trade places (you would forget your current timeline).

Option #2. Who wouldn’t want to go back and change things?

I would take option two, without a doubt. I don’t much see the point of option one, if you can’t remember. If I could remember, I would absolutely NOT take option one; I would be far too upset over the ways in which my life could have been improved that there is no way I could go on in the current timeline. I mean, it’s not like I don’t think about that constantly anyway, no need to make me watch it.

This would make an excellent idea for a short story.

Whenever I asked women who have children, they wouldn’t even discuss it.

They’ve beat you to it. Sorry.

And you know, I saw that movie, and I still thought it was an original idea. Damn. Great movie though.

They’re thinking that everything they have in the current timeline would disappear, but I say it doesn’t necessarily have to be so. Isn’t there a saying, “All roads lead to Rome”? Not everything has to change, right. I’d go for option #2.

Yes to both options.

Option 1 - sure, why not see an alternative timeline just for fun. Maybe I already have and just don’t remember it.

Option 2 - of course. Find a better timeline and live in that one instead. I’d be crazy not to. My life is good, but could certainly be better, and given the option of finding one I like before commiting to it I can’t see any drawbacks.

Definitely Option #2, but I wouldn’t want to forget this timeline. I can think of dozens of bad choices I’ve made in my life, and it would be great to correct them, but I’d still like to remember this life, to appreciate my new one.

The problem, of course, is that I truly love some of the choices I’ve made, and the way my life has turned out, in certain respects. So I’ve got to find a timeline that converges with this one on occasion.

No to both.

Option 1: What would be the point if I couldn’t remember it?

Option 2: Can’t exactly put into words why, but my instinct says “no.” I don’t think I believe in fate exactly, but I feel like it would be tempting something.

In addition to the Butterfly Effect movie, there’s also an excellent book called Replay; it’s not exactly the same thing, but pretty close. :slight_smile:

Option 2 (The Red Pill).

This is not the life I ordered.

Yes to both, but I’d want to thoroughly inspect the timeline for option 2. I don’t want to get stuck in a timeline that seems good on the surface but turns out to be a living hell.

Sure. That would be AWESOME. I’m always thinking about stuff like that. But I’d also like an Option 3: Get to see the timeline as it would’ve played out, but not switch places, and still be able to remember what you learned/saw from thenceforth.

I’d be interested in #1 if not for the forgetting part. That makes it pointless. I don’t think anything would make me trade, but I’d be fascinated to see. In fact now that I’m in here I’m disappointed I can’t see any of the timelines. :stuck_out_tongue: