WOW! 100 Posts!

Finally! Yeehah!!! And here I thought I was never gonna make it…

Congratulations, xploder! Let’s see, would you like a party now? Can I make you a drink? ::drags in full bar and a bowl of maraschino cherries::

(The key to high counts is short posts.)

Sure…Gimme a triple Long Island Ice Tea!

Okay then, just a minute. ::goes to make triple long island ice tea, then saunters back to xploder in her bikini from sunshine’s thread:: How’s this?

Too much bikini :stuck_out_tongue:

Woohoo!! Congrats, hon!

Now then…where can I get a drink?

What would you like to drink Falcon my dear? Name it, I’ll make it…

Can you make me a tequila sunrise, my dear?

takes off cover up to show swimsuit That’s better…more comfortable. :wink:

Too much bikini, eh? That can be fixed easily. ::takes off top:: Better now?

Congrats! ::: hands xploder pitcher of margaritas :::

Watch out for ssskuggiii in that half-bikini! You can see more half naked women over at my 200th post party, should you care to drop by!

Congrats xploder! Where’d you get that neato name?

Falcon: One tequila Sunrise coming right up! Nice Swim Suit! I prefer bathing suits though…

ssskuggiii: STILL too much bikini! see above…

Sunshine: I ALWAYS watch women in half-bikinis! What are YOU wearing???

Chris: It’s what I started calling Microsoft Explorer when I first went to WIN95 cause the damn thing kept locking up.

These are BAD girls you’re dealing with. Very bad. I hope you like 'em like that. Of course…we can be any way you like…seeing as you’re over 100 posts. :wink:

I love bad girls! Hell, I love all girls!

Okay then. Have it your way. ::takes off bottoms and strolls over:: What about you? I’d like to see a bit more skin.

:: strips stark naked ::

Okay…now what do ya wanna do??? I know what I wanna do…

And what would that be exactly? I have some ideas, but I’d rather not share them so publicly just yet. ::looks over, then puts arm around xploder’s waist:: Looks like you have a lot you could help me with.

Congratulations, xploder.

Sorry I can’t be there for the party, but if you e-mail me, I’ll give you the address to send me a beer.

Something wrong with being in public my dear?
:: puts arm around ssskuggiii and lightly brushes the top of her breast…