wow brazil had confederate settlements just like they did for the nazis .....

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Apparently in the 1840s to about 1870 there were American southerners that decided to relocate to brazil before during and after since brazil openly embraced the confederacy and have descendants there to this very day just like the Nazis who still have descendants there also

Although on a side note this helps a very funny O.henry story make more sense now

In it a former civil was soldier goes down and meets a die hard confederate who tells him to go home he doesn’t and gets caught up in in a revolution gets caught by the kings army and is waiting to be hung and the us consulate wont/cant help

His confed friend bribes the government to get him off using CSA money supposedly the federales are too dumb to know the moneys worthless

and I wondered how anyone could be that dumb … well this explains why the csa money wouldn’t be that big of a deal


Well they just get all the bright eggs.

This premise seems to be a kind of a loaded observation, so . . . just wondering: Do you consider it a good thing or a bad thing for a nation to harbor people fleeing from persecution/prosecution in another country? As a general principle, whether or not you personally approve of the reasons why, in any particular case, the refugees were being persecuted.

Is this part of that whole weird “old eggs” meme?

I understand that Brazil has an influx of US immigration after each POTUS election.

Lack of punctuation; DR

How did they embrace the Confederacy before the Confederacy existed?

I don’t know that meme.

Egg = Person with potential
Bright = Smart

I was being sarcastic

This isn’t much different than threadshitting. Don’t bother making a post at all if it’s only going to be about how you’re not going to read it (for any reason).

Well I don’t see it as real persecution since the modern equilivent would be someone moving from ca to Colorado because they cant grow pot in ca and its legal in co…

and I realize I should of brazil originally embraced the settlers at first because they were proslavery and then supported the confederacy in which more people settled …

I just might pass this along to unca cecil see what he thinks and could find heh

If said “refugee” is a criminal and a white supremacist? That doesn’t sound like persecution to me. Sometimes there’s a damned good reason to persecute someone.

Confederado culture in Brazil is still alive.

“Food of the American South with a Brazilian flair” should be interesting.

I wonder if they have a company of Civil War reenactors wearing Confederado hoop skirts. I want to see that battle!

Cut to one hundred years from now: Trumpados.

No that’s next years SCIFI Channel movie, and it’s Trumpnado.

Peanut butter and plantain sandwiches?

Fried chicken with tucupi gravy.

Refugee schmefugee, the Brazilian government invited 'm in. The Brazilians wanted to jumpstart cotton cultivation in their country - and slavery was still legal there - so they recruited Southern farmers. Robert E. Lee, the de facto leader of the postbellum South, urged his acquaintances and friends not to leave America for Brazil, saying “Virginia needs her sons.”