WoW: "Hey, I've done that!" Goofs and whoopsies

I figure a humorous thread about the screwups we’re embarassed about might make us feel a little bit better when it’s discovered that it’s not nearly a unique mistake. :stuck_out_tongue:

Today mine was:

(In Dalaran, on my mage)

/1 “Heading to Stormwind, anyone want a ride?”

  /start casting
  /Portal myself to Stormwind...alone...


Luckily the lady I was supposed to be porting has a mage, and has apparantly done that at last once or twice as well. :stuck_out_tongue:
Tell me your funny <or just embarassing!> goofups so that I might know that I’m not alone in my “Whoops!” moments. :stuck_out_tongue:

Too many to mention them all, really, but I’ll try:

“Oh, crap, I have aggro, and they’re getting too close for me to hit them. I’ll Disengage!” (Pause as the hunter flies off the cliff/bridge) “. . .fuck.”

“Let me just move to the right. . .oh, crap, I hit R and now have cast Fel Flame and pulled the boss and I really hope no one saw that. . .”

“Let’s see. . .just zoned into Scarlet Monastery, here’s the guys, let’s start casting Holy Fire on the first guy. . .why is everyone’s health going down; what is the healer do–oh, yeah, that’s me!”

“Okay, time to Soulstone the tank.” (Pause for glowy effects around self) “. . .crap.”

Thoughts upon seeing myself looking all misty and insubstantial, with final memories of raging hippogryphs and at least one outraged night elf:

“Note to self: Check which faction your toon is before attempting to right-click on a flightmaster next time.”

This happened tonight on my Boomkin:

Heroic Throne of Tides. End of a hallway. Group of about 8 gilgoblin trash, right before 2 huge faceless guards. We AE the goblins down, then pull the 2 big guards afterwards. Well, that’s the plan, anyway.

Oh, that’s my typhoon key, not hurricane. Oh, they got knocked back into the 2 guards. Oh, we just wiped.

Tank says: “Dude, this isn’t bowling…”



I used to Starfall pull trash on heroics all the time when I played my moonkin and once managed to pull the second boss in SFK during a trash fight with a stray Moonfire. Good thing he is so easy that we managed to kill him even so.

My favourite WoW goof ever might be from Ulduar, though. We had just killed Mimiron and I switched to my “Naked” armor set just in case I’d blow up on a walking bomb. Dashed past as a cat with no problems and then we got ready to pull the big golemy guys who summon sparks and hit like a truck. I shift to a tree and start healing … but somehow my heals are hardly doing anything, and my mana bar is draining very fast. Woops. Raid wipes, but since I was naked under all that bark I don’t take any equipment damage. :cool:

Taomist, there are two kinds of high level mages in WoW–those who have done exactly what you described at least once, and those who are lying about it.

Note to self: only because it looks neat, that’s not a reason to believe you can land on the Horde ship over Icecrown. They like dwarves well-done.

I had a horrible moment last weekend - it’s probably a known issue, but it wasn’t one I knew about. So. I was leveling my mage, and yes she’s Frost, I don’t care that it’s not The Spec With The Bestest DPS, if it’s good enough for the folks at elitistjerks it’s good enough for me damnit, and I got Stonecore from the PUGger. We do fine, we do fine…

Turns out that as soon as a water elemental starts casting, or mirror images are called, in front of the third boss (in “the room” with him, not even in the hallway leading to him), every damn group that’s to the right in the previous corridor figures it’s time for a gangbang :frowning:

I got that place again later on, got rid of my elemental at the second boss (by “parking” it way back until he dissapeared) and kept my fingers away, far, far away from mirror image.

I laughed. :smiley: OK, so I laughed because I glyphed Typhoon so that there’s no knockback, but still…

And yeah, I did the whole Portal-vs-Teleport thing on my mage as well. Fortunately it was just with my husband as the passenger and it was a major city-to-major city port, so I could just head right on back and get him.

  • It took me a very long time to realise you could eat and drink at the same time.

  • Discovering at the first dungeon pull that I’m in the wrong spec happens way more than it should. That’s the problem of being a healer, you’re usually in your DPS spec unless you’re raiding/dungeoning.

  • In my guild I’m known for doing ‘FOR PONY’-style raid warnings before a boss fight. I was trying to knock it up a notch and added a few more O’s, not realising the /rw would just cut off the rest of the sentence. So we did a boss fight ‘for Poooooooooooooooooooooooo…’

  • I still sometimes shift into tree form when I enter a dungeon. Doh.

Last week my shadow priest got pulled into a pug, and we all buff up and then just stand there. After about 30 seconds I say to the tank, “What are you waiting for?” He replies, “I don’t think you want to heal this in shadowform.” :smack:

Oh yeah, my second normal dungeon post-Cata with my guild, I’m playing my boomkin. First pull and I think, “damn, I’m really having mana issues” as I’m nearly OOM.

Then I think, what was I last doing with her? Looking for upgrades on the AH? I pull up my character panel and yeah, a mouseover shows that I’ve got her in her tank gear. :smack: Fortunately I always carry both specs’ gear on all of my chars.

Another thing: I don’t activate stuff in dungeons unless explicitly told to do so, ever since back in vanilla WoW when I tried to loot some graves in Zul’Farrak and instead released some ticked-off undead.

I have resolved never, ever, again to switch my Death Knight tank into unholy presence to make a long run back after a wipe. That is all.

Obligitory post for everyone who’s ever played a pally tank and can’t firgure out why you can’t hold agro for shit. lolrighteousfury

if you have a pally tank and claim this never happened to you, you are a filthy liar.

Or if you have a retridin and claim you’ve never forgotten to switch it back off after the group recovered from the tank going bellyup.

You’re also a bloody liar if you claim your hunter never forgets to turn growl off when joining a group or back on for soloing.

Heh. Done that many, many times.

And the corrollary - tank goes down while I’m DPS, switch into Blood (prev. Frost) to save a wipe, rezz the tank and move on, and proceed to pull aggro on everything as I DPS in threat presence.

Obviously not being in tanking presence is much worse - I know for a fact I caused at least one Putricide wipe because of that.

I’ve done most of these things, plus another popular one: fogetting to unequip your fishing pole.

Speaking of hunter issues… Ran a 5-man this weekend (Vortex Pinnacle) and got to a larger trash pack where they want me to freeze a mob. Awesome - get to use the ol’ Trap Launcher. Queue it all up, fire it off, it procs… a large sheet of ICE. At least those mobs were slowed… :smack:

Or your tournament lance…

Just last night, while healing a heroic, I repeated once again this timeless error that knows no class, no role, and no dungeon…

[5. Party][Rolandor] wwwww44441111111111wwwwwwww5555555555
Lolimthetank has died.
[5. Party][Rolandor] …balls.

I’ve gone entire dungeons in my fishing hat or my apprentice hat, as well (helmet graphic turned off since they’re all so ugly).