Wow. Thanks for everything! (reflections on life)

Today I looked back at the ‘major’ problems from about 8 years ago this month that sent me into a severe depression and I realized that by comparison to everything that’s happened since then that those problems were fairly trivial. It made me glad to know how much stronger I’ve become in the meantime.

And, frankly, it made me stop the pity party that was going on in my head when I realized that if I were the same person that I was 8 years ago, I’d be hiding under the covers, paralyzed with fear. Instead, I’m working harder than ever just to keep afloat and making big changes in my life so that I can move forward.
So to all those people and things big and small that have jumped out and stood in my way:

Thank you!

And thank you also to the people that have loved and supported me along the way. It is love and that ‘twisted Sticks and Scones Family sense of humor’ (as my beloved boyfriend says) that has kept me going.

The best in my life is yet to come. :slight_smile:

Anybody else have anything positive to share about your life? Astounding revelations? The winning lottery numbers??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Living in the unhappiest state in the USA, we all have to work extra hard to get out of the dumps. Someone in my city started a daily e-mail you can subscribe to for a few bucks a month and you get a daily joke, or an inspiring story, something interesting and uplifting in your mail every day. Sort of like the stuff John Tesh dishes out during his radio program. Here’s a few example: " Keep your chin up, nothing stays permanently good or bad. Reach for something higher, just try." …Advice from 100 year old auntie - “Say thank you, please, and I’m sorry. Think deeply, speak gently, work hard, give freely, pay promptly, pray earnestly, and be kind.”

Good for you! What would you say is different now for you that is making you have a different perspective?

Hmmm… Good question!

There are two things, I think. First of all, I lived a very sheltered life where bad things didn’t generally happen and ‘weren’t supposed to’ happen. I’ve grown up alot (many people would LOL at this statement) since then. Unfortunately, there’s been enough ugliness in the last 8 years to make up for the first 27 years of relative calm.

Second, I actually (after awhile) found that being diagnosed as Bipolar 2 was quite liberating. It’s not that it gave me an excuse to act as a crazy person, but it gave me an explanation for what was going on inside my head. Knowing what was wrong and knowing that I could actively participate in getting better has helped tremendously.


Michigan is right down on the unhappy list, but New York is the winner, and that’s where I am…

I’ve really been working on being happier and more connected. I rarely dwell on negative topics anymore, and really celebrate life. I spend more time getting present. I’m usually found smiling.

Not that every moment is sunshine and joy, but my baseline mood has risen dramatically.

  1. I live in a great city, and a great section of it.
  2. My job is awesome. They pay me waaay to much to surf the Dope all day and everyone loves my work. I got a mini-promotion last week and a real one is on the horizon. My company just promised me a laptop that, trust me, will be more for play than work.
  3. My girlfriend and I are in a great place in our relationship. As soon as I can get off my lazy ass and buy a ring, I will.
  4. You remember that snow storm that tore up my house, and the tenants that wrecked the place? The insurance company WAAY overestimated the damage. Not only did it pay for the repairs, but I’ve got enough left over to recarpet the whole house AND replace the tub!
  5. My brother’s coming home from Afghanistan soon. He’s planning on dumping his bitchy, insolent, white trash girlfriend that the family hates, and he wants to cruise the east coast on a vacation with me. So we’ll be taking a spring trip to see my dad in Florida who we haven’t seen in almost a year.
  6. I just got paid today. For the past year, I’ve been trying to save up $20,000. My bank account today reads $20,000.63.