Wow. That was weird.

Just a little case of “wow, that’s surprising, assuming of course that it’s true.”

There was a woman who had a weekly show on the locally owned religious station in the city I moved away from in 2011 that I enjoyed watching, and a couple days ago, I Googled her to see if she was still on the air. She always talked about her husband and son and how much she loved them, but now her website says she has a divorce ministry because she recently did that after 25 years of marriage.

And her Facebook page doesn’t come out and say it, but it looks like she left him for another woman. All these pictures of her with her “BFF” and they’re dressed alike? How more obvious could it be?

That kind of thing doesn’t matter to me, but it might to some others.

Why would anyone care about this? What others are you referring to?

Checks forum title

Yep, looks like just the spot for this thread. :smiley:

It is unusual that a religious heterosexual person would suddenly go homosexual. It might matter to others because the sort of people that would listen to traditional religious radio would probably not be as accepting of homosexuality.

I sort of doubt it was “sudden”. :wink:

This woman also talked about how she had battled an eating disorder for much of her adult life, and if I’m correct in my OP, I wonder if those might be interconnected in some way.

Huh. I would say that it happens often enough that I would certainly not be surprised. And they don’t “suddenly go homosexual”. They just stop lying about it. Or get caught lying about it.

Or their spouse dies, or they divorce for other reasons, and now consider themselves “free” to be who they really are.

Dr. Scott!Is that really you?

Why do you care so much about this issue and these “others” that you would take time out of your day to type out these questions?

The thread is where it should be and is okay by the forums standards. You don’t have to reply if you don’t see the point of a topic, because it’s not very different from threadshitting. Don’t do this.

Apologies-probably read the OP the wrong way.

I’ve known a lot of lesbians over the years (or decades), and I have NEVER seen a couple that dressed alike.

Yeah, me neither. Usually the bra and thongs are completely different colors. Of course, they don’t usually keep them on long, so you sometimes have to look quick to notice that. :wink: