Wow, that's a great cover of that song

Steve Martin & Kermit - “Duelling Banjos”

I know I’ve been pushing this artist a lot. I honestly think she’s pretty good.

Wicked Game. Yeah, I love this song, always looking for interesting covers.

London Grammar.

Ah, but I’m always looking for covers that are different AND better than the original…

And the original (from Twin Peaks, written by whoever that musical genius was, and performed by Chris Isaak) is so haunting. Not sure you can improve on it.

Nope. doesn’t have to be “better”, just a different take.

I like the industrial supergroup Pigface a lot. I also like fiddler Gaelynn Lea ever since the youtube algorithm pointed me to her Tiny Desk concert. Helpfully, the youtube algorithm also pointed me to her on stage with Pigface.

Not sure if you can call this a cover, exactly, since she’s performing it at a Pigface concert. But it’s quite different instrumentally from the original.

Liked the MonaLisa Twins, Jadyn has some seasoning to do yet.


I listen to NPR a lot so I was familiar with Gaelynn Lea since her Tiny Desk appearance and have checked out some of her other stuff. Haven’t seen the Pigface performance but I like it.

Thanks for posting.

I’d like to reword my earlier post and say it doesn’t have to be a better take on the original, for me, it needs to be an interesting take on it.

I like Kathy Mattea and Susy Bogguss’s cover of CSN&Y’s “Teach Your Children” much better than the original.

How about this one?

Hah!..interesting. Can’t say it’s my favorite version but I did save it to my favorites file.


Can we do reworking of songs? Here’s Roy Zimmerman reworking Dylan’s Highway 61.

Harry Styles doing a live version of Sledgehammer:

Since my previous posst doesn’t meet the “different from the original” standard, how about:

I can understand why someone would want to say that one is covering the first singer who recorded the song, not the singer who later recorded the song and made a more famous version. But there are lots of cases where people don’t even know about the earlier version and think they are covering an original song by the singer. That’s what is mostly true about people who say that they are covering Whitney Houston when they sing “I Will Always Love You”, not Dolly Parton or Linda Ronstadt. Like it or not, that’s what most people seem to say. I have many times seen videos on YouTube where people say that they’re covering Eva Cassidy, even though she did almost no original songs, just cover versions. There are even more famous examples. How many singers would say that they are covering Big Mama Thornton, not Elvis Presley, when they sing “It Ain’t Nothing but a Hound Dog”?

That’s pretty cool!


Bluegrass fans, and maybe guitar geeks, will know who Molly Tuttle is. Probably nobody else.

Here she is covering Mick and Keith’s She’s a Rainbow:

Or that they’re covering Carl Perkins, not Elvis, when they sing Blue Suede Shoes?