Wow, you lost some pretty important brain cells there...

Ok, so, I’m at my office on a weekend, taking care of some paperwork. and the phone rings.

normally, I’d let the machine pick it up, but I was expecting a call from my son.

I answer w/company name.

A woman’s voice (ie, not my son) says “I need to speak to (myfirstname)”.

Dead silence.

I say again “Hello?” and she again asks for me. I say “Yes, you called me, what did you want?”.

“Oh, this is ‘myfirstname’?”


“Oh. Do You know Quinton? I don’t know his last name. He’s my boyfriend? he said you’d be helping him find a job??”
(aaaahhh, yes, the kid who called me last week, signed up for an appointment and never showed up)

Well. I know of a Quinton. I’m just here doing paperwork. I can’t set up appointments after hours. He should call on Tuesday and set up an appointment.

“Well, I need a job, too”.

I only work with ex offenders.

“what? what’s that?”

some one who’s been on probation or parole.

“Oh, I"ve been on probation”

Ok, so you should call me back on Tuesday to set up an appointment too.

“can I just come in on Tuesday?”

no, I work by appointment only.

“So, if I call on Tuesday, I’ll get an appointment on TUesday”

No, Tuesday’s booked, but I’ll be able to set up the appointment then.


wow. I should have let the machine pick up.

Apparently your caller got to take the short school bus every day.

Lucky for her.:stuck_out_tongue:

One hopes you got her name, so that you can be certain to give her the appropriate level of service.

Hey, if that’s the worst one you ever get then you’re doing pretty damn good. I work at a pizza place and I don’t think I’ve ever failed to have [a]at least** one person call every day that wants a pizza delivered but has no idea where they live. I wonder how some people get home at night.

She doesn’t know her SO’s last name? I mean, I can believe just about anything, but for someone to admit that…