Right now, everything is quick, quick, quick!!!
:slight_smile: :smiley:
Is this the result of the change

Am I just lucky today!!!

I think you hit a lucky part of the day. At different times today,it’s been from pretty fast to very slow.Last night after midnight was the fastest I’ve ever seen the board run.I stayed up till dawn because with no waiting for anything,it was fun to dart here and there.
Like everyone else,I’m waiting until Saturday (or so) to see just how it’s gonna play when it’s settled down. But TUBA is, of course,right.Sooner or later the hamsters will get exhausted and need more and more coffee breaks.
I personally think they should be given daily fixes of crystal meth,but PETA would descend on us like the sword of god.
Enjoy the fast times at DOPER HIGH while you can.

Really? Maybe I’ve just been hitting them at the wrong parts of the day (although I’m on here basically whenever I don’t have classes and well into the night), but they have been running agonizingly slow for me right now. Reminds me of when I all I had was dail-up (lo those many [2] weeks ago :p).

Or, if you live on the other side of the globe, prime surfing time also happens to fall on the quietest board times. :D.

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Is font size customizable in vbulletin? (meaning can the admins increase it beyond the current 7.