Wowbagger the Photon Cat

My cat Wowbagger, recharging for the coming night.

Some have expressed concern over his charging status when the photo was taken, due to the red and green lights being on simultaneously. But he seems fully charged now.

You need to put him on a diet!!

And call an exorcist :slight_smile:

Is this common for Wowbagger?

Good kitty, bad camera.

I used to have a doorstop exactly like that.

I have a similar pic of my daughter’s giant orange cat, which I labelled a headshot for its audition for the YouTube production of “Kittens of the Damned.”

Optimistically named, but sadly I really don’t think he will be infinitely prolonged.

I’d never have a cat the same color as the floor. An invitation to disaster.

Are those LED headlights?


Ah ha !!! Bawahahahaha :smiley:

True Dat… :smack:

We had a charging port installed on the roof of our old house.

Google Photos

Solarcat charges his lazers in an environmentally responsible fashion.

For a minute there I thought you might be introducing a new Michael Nesmith album. :wink:

Nonagonally-prolonged would be more in-character, and quite sufficient I should think. :wink:

Although similarly adorable, I don’t think our Freya would be friends with Wowbagger. She’s solar-powered. In this photo, she’s actually charging *my *phone!

Freya is impressively fluffy.

All the kitties posted in this thread are cuties, and I hope their humans will give them extra cuddles on my behalf. :slight_smile:

This cat is charged and ready.

Google Photos

Is Wowbagger bellying up to a heating vent, or is there a small rodent in there?

The bicolor eye display is most impressive.

I may have overcharged my cat. Sorry Mikko.

I thought he was below the fridge waiting for scraps to fall.

My security system, charged and active.