Wrapping Presents!

Am I the only one who loves to wrap presents? I have a big ol’ stack of Christmas gifts to wrap and I’ve been in hog heaven all weekend!

I love choosing the paper, the ribbon - how will I tie the bow on this one? I avoid gift bags wherever possible. I will gladly volunteer to wrap other folks gifts.

Is this strange? Are there others out there who think wrapping gifts is one of the best parts of the holidays? I think I’ll make a visit to the Container Store and Michael’s and stock up on more beautiful ribbon and paper.

I’m absolutely giddy!

You can do mine if you want - normally i have to bribe my best friend to do it, but thats expensive. She always wants me to take her somewhere posh for dinner :frowning:

I love to wrap them - the choice of what paper to use is one that I debate for a long time each Christmas.
Gift bags are just wrong.

Unfortunately this year, I don’t get to buy many gifts, which means fewer to wrap.

I love to wrap them because I think it’s great fun to un-wrap them too. One year I bought my (then) girlfriend a giant plastic container of craft supplies (pens, fancy papers, cutting utensils, glitter, ribbons, die cuts, general stamping supplies) and wrapped each piece individually so she had nearly 50 things to open. She loved it to know end, and apparently it showed I cared enough to take the time to do it.

Oh, yeah, there’s nothing in the world like sitting in the middle of the living room floor with the tree lights turned on, the television turned to a Christmas special, a mug of hot chocolate at your side, and a great big ole pile of presents to wrap. That’s the best part of the whole season. I love wrapping presents so much that I volunteer every year to work the gift wrap booth at the mall my mom’s school has as a fundraiser…and I haven’t lived in that town in 8 years.

Now that’s a dedicated gift wrapper!

I just finished my seventh wrap job - I need to go buy more presents so I can maintain this wrapping high.

I work as a retail buyer, and I keep pressing my store to offer gift wrapping, but every year the idea gets nixed. Maybe I’ll just set up a table outside and do it myself! Of course, I think we’d have some cranky customers who’d have to wait while I agonize over creating the perfect bow and flourish.

I love wrapping gifts…when they’re in boxes.

Parents will understand this. More and more kids’ toys are being packaged in farking blister packages. Wrapping these things is such a pain in the ass that I’m seriously considering putting the boys’ gifts in gift bags. Well, OK, I’m not…that would just ruin Chritmas…but still.

I have a couple of sisters-in-law that used to have a friendly competition on wrapping. One of them FLOCKED THE SILVER PAPER AND GLUED TINY ICE SKATERS AND TREES TO THE PACKAGE!. Truly a work of art. My own presents don’t look so hot because I invariably wait til the last minute.

Two words: Tin Foil!

I also LOVE to wrap the presents. Put on a little Bing, glass of wine and wrap away, singing merrily!

I wrap all the gifts purchased by my father, two brothers and husband, all year long. (Well, all the ones that aren’t for me!)

I love when it’s my birthday to see what kind of wrap job the men in my life come up with, since they all know how much I love the wrapping. My brother won this year with awesome paper, giant bow and actual good wrapping job. I think he must have hired it out.
Hubby wins all the time for best effort because he is just hopeless at wrapping but still never puts anything in a gift bag for me. The man can give me something in a box and still screw it up with parts of the box showing or, even better, patches taped over where the box showed through.

Many years ago, my mom worked retail and did the gift wrap, so she taught me everything I know!

I love wrapping presents too. For a long time I thought I was a weirdo because everyone else just seemed to hate it.

I have a pile of gifts in the corner of my room, and two rolls of wrapping paper. I can’t wait until all the stuff I ordered comes, and then I can wrap all of them in one sitting.

The only things I don’t like wrapping are CDs. It seems impossible to cut the paper to an ideal width, so either you’ve got a bunch of paper to fold over or the edge of a CD case peeking out.

I wonder if they still hire gift wrappers in department stores over the holidays. Or would that be the most time-crunching, stressful job ever?

I love it. And I love seeing my especially-nice presents under the tree.

The killer, though, is that we take our presents to the in-laws to open. That means they get all stacked up into bags and fancy accoutrements get smushed. So I can’t go too hog-wild. And presents I mail to my parents have to go utterly bow-less. Sob.

I kind of love it when I run out of wrap and have to go buy more. So much fun to choose a new pattern!

When I worked in a toy store I was known amongst the employees as “The Queen of the Soft-Wrap.” This is because I despise putting presents in boxes and would rather offer that strange mysterious lumpy shape than a sterile rectangular prism.

When I was kid we would always wrap presents right before gift-giving (Jewish, so this spread over several nights) which was always after dinner. Everyone would madly dash to get ahold of the only pair of scissors, then attempt to retrieve gifts while maintaining the secrecy of their personal hiding place. When the tape ran out we would use staples, rubber cement or whatever else was handy. Ah, the memories!

For god’s sake, are you telling me you ran with scissors?

No, we would run for the scissors. Once we had suceeded in Scissor Supremacy (sending siblings and such into a stew over the Scissor Gap) only stately – and of course superior-seeming – strolling was sanctioned.

<I slay me>

groan Give me that pair of scissors. So I can exsanguinate myself.
(Exsanguinate: a word I don’t get to use often enough!)



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I own several pair of scissors and i HATE wrapping presents.