Wrapping up BtVS, wishes and speculation

What “loose ends” would you like to see wrapped up in the final few episodes of Buffy? All the shows/seasons are fair game.
Having just seen the rerun, I’d like to know what happened to the remaining eggs shown at the end of Bad Eggs.
I’d also like to know if Oz is ok, and maybe what happened to Larry after graduation.

what about the big friggin dragon that flies out of the Glory “Hole” at the end of 5? Also, the Slayer-of-the-Future comic Fray mentions a 21st Century Slayer that ends all evil for generations, please do not let that be uber-suck Kennedy. And, who really invoked Sweet for a little musical Armeggeddon, because I am not buying Xander’s story, given his past with magic in general.

Pretty sure Larry’s post-graduation activities mostly centered around lying very still and gradually decomposing, what with him getting killed fighting the Mayor, and all.

Also, Dawn’s visit from Joyce, the First or real ghost with bad news of the future? I am going with the latter.

Predictions: A revisit of season 5 will come up. Buffy will have to choose between the mission and Dawn. She doesn’t choose Dawn. (We need to kill off enough characters so that people don’t want a new season.)

There will be mass Red shirt-esque SIT carnage. By episode 22, we will be as sick of seeing them die as we have been of seeing them live. (Ditto.)

Andrew will die. (Ditto)

Characters will magically not be present until they either resolve something or die. (Based on previous writing of this season.)

I predict a bloody end. I also expect the ‘catch’ of this season to be that Buffy will muster every remaining member of her ‘army’ to kill Caleb, succeed, be left holding the bag for Evil Willow, Evil Spike, (possibly, though God I hope not) Evil Anya, Evil Ripper, and Xander with a gun with a scope. There will be a ‘coup’. The first will taunt Buffy, pointing out that having all these uberpowerful evil people fighting each other is exactly what she wants.

I predict that Caleb will die stupidly. Either Buffy will inexplicably be able to defeat him, Willow will magic him out of existence, Spike will shoot him, or they will do stupid research on the stupid ring that he stupidly branded into the neck of the SIT, and come up with a really, really stupid way to defeat him.

ahh, the sounds of final season bashing. There will probably be some stupid ending for both Firefly washouts, but judging the two shows by this season’s standards, Angel will do it better. I will be somewhat happier if Wood dies in some stupid way.

oh, Faith should finish the season with a curse upon her causing the mystical lack of pants.

Ooooo, I didn’t remember that. I’ve managed to miss the Graduation episodes, even on re-runs.
Is Harmony still undusty?

Harmony’s still around. Last sighted joining a vampire self-help pyramid scheme in L.A. on Angel.

I like the way you think!

I bet that Buffy will die fighting Caleb and Faith will become the uber-slayer mentioned in “Fray.” I bet Giles bites it as well. I can’t imagine they’d kill Willow, not only because it would make everyone sad, but because there’s really no reason to. Every other character, though, is fair game.

I haven’t read anything about what’s coming up, but I bet that the only storylines that get resolved are Buffy’s and Giles’. They need to leave enough openings so that the others can cross over to “Angel” and help bring up its ratings with Two-Part Spectacular WB Cross-Over Events.

(So in short, I have nothing to contribute except the completely obvious.)

Buffy won’t die, unless it’s a “third times the charm” sort of thing. It would be silly. And why kill of a major character that you could guest-star into a spin-off to boost ratings if need be?

I agree with Grundy: as long as Angel is still around, some threads can be thoughtfully left hanging. Obviously, not everything will be wrapped up: just like in real life.

I think that Buffy will finally be relieved of her title as The Slayer after Sunnydale gets obliterated by a nuclear bomb that she plants with the help of Riley and Angel and Spike, thus closing the Hellmouth portal. Willow and Xander will die in each other’s arms.

At the last scene, Buffy will turn to Giles and thank him for everything. She’ll kiss a stoic Riley on the cheek. She’ll then turn to Angel and stroke his tear-stained cheek longingly and tell him goodbye one last time. Then she’ll turn to Spike and say, “And Spike, I’ll miss you most of all.”

And then she’ll board a hot air balloon and drift off into the sunset.

The last scene is her waking up to Joyce asking her if she’s okay, that she’s had a bad dream.

No way is Buffy dying. SMG is bound to be able to pluck a few ratings points during sweeps next year with a guest shot on ‘Angel’ that I don’t see it happening… although I have to admit that their character’s deaths haven’t stopped Danny Strong and Adam Busch from working.

I wouldn’t mind learning if Miss Kitty Fantastico was turned loose to roam the streets of Sunnydale after Tara died, since there hasn’t been one reference to the darn animal.

Whatever. I am really confused about “Frey,” though. I picked up one issue and really liked it, and then it seems no more came out. I have it on my list of beeks to be set aside for me at my regular shop, but it’s been like a year and nothing.

What. Is. The deal?

The slayer line will be reunified. Through some spell or mystical device (I’m betting on a holy remote control), Buffy’s slayer powers will be transferred to Faith. Imbued with the full Slayer Power (go Red Ranger, go!), Faith will defeat all who stand in her way. Faith will die in battle after defeating the last of the First’s minions.

With the reunification of the slayer line, the First will no longer be able to function effectively on our plane and will be unable to call forth any more minions.

Buffy, now a normal girl, will open up a B&B outside Encino.


Some weird spoilery news related to he end of Buffy… and beyond.

Basically, Angel sounds like its been renewed.

In reaction to the news, Herc posted this cryptic and confusing news about one Buffy character:

[spoiler]“For the many asking if Spike will die at the end of the “Buffy” series finale or if Spike will be a component of the “Angel” cast next season, the answer is apparently “yes.” You heard me.”

What? He’ll both die AND be on Angel? Maybe he’ll Shansu, or whatever its called?

There is the strange case of one Hank Summers. It is reported he ran off to Spain with his secretary, ignoring his children, not even bothering to notice his ex-wifes funeral. Dead beat dad or
is there more to the story.

While we’re wishing… I’d like to see some sort of closure to Amy. She appears after a year, apparently so upset at Willow that she casts a vengeance malediction on her… what the hell got her so upset? She sure didn’t seem pissed that Willow took such a long time to de-rat her - at least not when she and Willow were magicking up The Bronze. And she was the one that stole from Willow, introduced Willow to Rack, and juiced Willow up with a forbidden magic shot. Why the hell was she pissed at Willow, and will there be any payback for the Suddenly Warren Malediction?

Both of Bricker’s issues may achieve closure in one elegant moment of the series finale: Willow turns Amy back into a rat and Miss Kitty Fantastico eats her.

Fade to black, the end.

Amy hinted at a connection to the first. She could show up again in the final battle I guess, sort of as Caleb’s spellcaster if need be. Though she doesn’t seem to be much of a match for Dark Willow or even good Willow.