Wreck on I-44 60ish Miles West of St. Louis on 12/27

I’ve googled every possible combination of words, and looked into the websites of every newspaper in every town along I-44 between St. Louis and Cuba, and I’ve found bubkus.

On Sunday, December 27th, at about 8:15 AM, Mrs. Homie and I came upon an accident scene. An SUV had flipped over in the eastbound lanes of I-44, somewhere between Cuba and Sullivan. I immediately pulled over, asked if anyone had dialed 911 (someone had), and began assisting the other passers-by in helping the victims. A passenger had crawled out, but the driver was still pinned in his seat, unconscious, with a compound fracture of his right humerus. Within minutes an ambulance was there and I did what any good citizen would do: namely, get the hell out of the way and let the professionals do their job.

Does any Missouri Doper know anything at all about this wreck? I’d like to know if the driver lived, what caused the accident (my guess: snow), etc.

Was the SUV a Toyota 4Runner?

That’s exactly it! Thanks for the link. I’m glad to learn that the guy didn’t die.

I had no idea Missouri archived accident reports on-line.

Not to crap on your front lawn, but that report doesn’t provide the information necessary to make the inference that he didn’t die.

Sure it does. It says his injuries were “Moderate,” not “Fatal.” It’s possible that he could have died in the hospital later from infection, blood loss, etc., but he was alive when the ambulance left the scene (if I’m interpreting that report correctly).

I searched the Post-Dispatch site, but didn’t find any stories. I’m sure they’re understaffed on the weekend after a holiday, and I imagine their policy is to only report on fatal accidents that far out of town anyway.

on the bottom section it says that the drivers injuries were “moderate”.

This is much more detail than the CHP website. Good news for nervous moms in St. Louis.

Yes, he was alive when the ambulance left the scene. Doesn’t mean he didn’t get there DOA (I agree that it’s unlikely)

Nevermind, I revise my statement.

Apparently they update the crash reports with future pronouncements of death.

And nervous sons that live on the West Coast now and don’t like their stubborn retired parents still living there and driving around visiting their other children and grandchildren in bad weather.

You mean subsequent, right? Because if it is “future,” that’s some freaky Twilight Zone kind of reporting system.

Maybe it does lottery numbers, too…