Ok, I’ve never bought a PPV in my life. For the last 6-7 years, it has been way out of my price range. I did watch Wrestlemania at someone elses house a couple of years back, and a few other PPVs with them (former neighbors), but nothing since then.

Right now I’m reading the results at Prowrestling.net, and I gotta say so far…


Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus gets moved to a Dark Match and then cut short and turned into a bad Battle Royal? What the steaming blue fuck?

The eight man match ends in a minute and a half with the total destruction of The Corre? Excuse me?

Edge vs. Del Rio goes on FIRST???

I don’t know, but right now this seems to me to be TNA Victory Road levels of Bad Booking for the under card.

Other than Edge/Del Rio, most of what you are complaining about is midcard stuff, and when it comes to Wrestlemania, two things that are very important are spectacle, and making sure that as many people as possible get a payday.

Some matches may need to be cut short in order to fit in celebrity appearances. From what I’ve read, they may have been better off shortening the Lawler match, but such is hindsight.

Edge/Del Rio had to go near the start of the show, opening seems just as good if not better than second or third. Certainly better there than between the Undertaker/HHH and Miz/Cena matches.

Terrible Wrestlemania. As the roster from the early 90’s get smaller and smaller, it gets less and less entertaining.

The best era was in the late 90s. When WCW left, everything died, even though I watched WWF over WCW. They changed Federation to entertainment and lost the entertainment. Aside from me growing up, I still believe that it has just gotten more corny over the years.

None of them have any character and watching wrestling by it self is boring. Chris Jerhico and Kurt Angle ruined it. The undertaker started riding a bike which was okay but then Kane took off the mask and lost all character. Where are the inferno matches at? The hell in the cell with wrestlers flying off and almost killing themselves… I know I could go on forever but its just random mumbling.

Best wrestling games = WCW Revenge and WWF Wrestlemania 2000

Today Undertaker vs HHH match was O.K.

From purely reading the on-line summaries, it seemed to me that they could have lost the Mae Young and Snoop Dog skits and given some people a bit more time.

The “anonymous GM” ending to Lawler-Cole is exceptionally lame and can only be redeemed if they reveal on RAW that Cole has been that anonymous GM all along.

And Rock interfering in the WM main event reminds me too much of WCW/Eric Bischoff clusterfuck endings.

I thought there was supposed to be a 3 way match w/ the Rock, Cena and Miz?? No?