Wrestling movies - not Nacho Libre!

Based off this thread can anyone recommend a good wrestling movie for a 14 year old? It’s been a long time since I saw it but I think Vision Quest might be too much and World According to Garp is definitely out. Any suggestions?

No Holds Barred?

Ready to Rumble sucked.

Sorry, I should have specified. I don’t mean “professional” wrestling. I meant the Greco-Roman style like they have in Olympic competitions. I don’t want guys jumping off cables and slamming chairs over each other. I want something about the real sport of wrestling (sorry to all WWE and WWF fans but I don’t consider Hulk Hogan, The Rock and their ilk to be wrestlers, just entertainers).

Here’s one from IMDB. I typed in high school wrestling.

**Take Down **(1979)

Plot Outline: The coach of a high-school wrestling team tries to help one of his players, a talented but troubled teenager, into becoming a champion wrestler.

Why would Vision Quest be too much? This is the classic amateur wrestling movie of all time.

And perfect for a 14 year-old’s introduction to the joys of Linda Fiorentino in her first role.

Vision Quest does have a sexual component, and is rated R, but the characters ARE highschoolers, so it really shouldn’t be out of the question. IIRC, my brother, who wrestled in high school, didn’t think the wrestling scenes were accurate, but there aren’t that many wrestling movies to choose from…

Wallace Berry! Wrassling Picture! It’s easy.

Rocky 3 is worth watching just for Hulk Hogan as “Thunderlips”. Now that’s wrasslin’

Barton Fink is about making wrestling movies, but there isn’t much of it in there.