Wrinkle questions

I have a few questions about the wrinkles under your eyes. My girlfriend is 17, and when she was younger she had bad allergies and rubbed her eyes a lot; consequently she now has numerous wrinkles under her eyes. Recently she has started to not get a good amount of sleep and they seem to be getting worse. Here are my questions:
are these wrinkles completly permanent??
will more sleep help them??
Is there any simple, safe way to “cure”, cover up, or prevent these wrinkles??
Shes so young and she shouldnt have these…please let me know if theres anything that can help her. I can send a picture if needed. thanks!

To my knowledge there is nothing that will instantly CURE wrinkles.

Though I do have some experiece with products helping them.

Feel free to email me to discuss further.

i have allergy eye wrinkles. the only hope is plastic surgery and not rubbing.

there are some nice new allergy eye drops out there. i finally got one that really helps.

What they said. I am just curious what your GF looks like :smiley:

darn…I guess I was hoping that there would be some magic cure out there that i didnt know about… i guess make up is the only option.lol

I heard that cocoa/shay cream helps to reduce them…is this true??

Which one? And does it do a good job on allergic shiners?

I don’t know much about this stuff, but Oil of Ulay springs to mind.
It is inexpensive, has had many names or variations, and was developed in South Africa to sort out plastic surgery problems in WWII.

This says it was started in 1949 - but I’m pretty sure it was used on burnt pilots long before then.

can anyone recommend any creams or anything??

guess thats a no…i would really appreciate any kind of help here

Wrinkle improvement is one of the holy grails of the cosmetics industry and new products are always being developed. Take a spin in any decent drug store and you’ll have lots of choices to try. It can’t hurt to consult with a Plastic Surgeon. They will be able to tell you if botox, collagen, dermabrasion, or laser resurfacing would be of help. Googling for “wrinkle treatments” will turn up lots of possibilities.

I’ve personally used Preparation H for puffiness under the eyes, but that is sort of the opposite problem :stuck_out_tongue:

There are many eye creams that you can try. She needs a good eye cream that is beneficial. I can teach you more…but you have to email me…

i have sent you 2 emails already… have you gotten them?

Sorry - I had not. I did get your PM though, and have sent you an email.

skittles, why is it a secret? Are you trying to sell something? I don’t understand all the hush-hush, if you have had good experience with a certain product - tell us!

It isn’t a secret. And I am not trying to sell something, though I have the ability to sell it.

I recommended a brand of eye cream that I have had very good experience with. And that others I know, and have tried, have had good experiences with.

Though I know that we should not seek out to solicit. So to avoid any possible confusion, I told him to contact me by email.

Basically it boils down to using a good eye cream, both morning and night, and avoiding any roughness with the eyes, definitely no rubbing!!!

I happen to have a particular one that I have seen results with.

Does that work? I have some big honkin’ bags under my eyes, and have had them ever since I went through a 3-year bout of bad insomnia. Does PrepH really reduce them?

for some reason a moderator closed a thread i opened on eyes creams…so i guess ill ask here: in everyones opinion what “eye cream” has the best results??

And now this one gets moved to IMHO.

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can anyone help??