Write down your worries (for good health)

I just signed up for this health challenge a day thing: Health Challenge Thing, and today’s challenge is to write down all your worries so you can let the stop circling your brain. I thought it sounded like a good idea, and thought some folks here would like to get their worries out too.

This won’t be a thread for solving other people’s problems, or offering solutions or telling people what they are worried about is no big deal or whatever. Just a brain dump to get them out, and to read about the petty or not so petty stuff other people stay up nights worrying about. Maybe we will all realize we’re better off than we thought. :slight_smile:

Here’s mine so far:

My Worries:
[li]This pregnancy will kill me. Literally, I will be dead and my husband will have to raise the baby alone, or maybe the baby will die too.[/li][li]This pregnancy will seriously injure me.[/li][li]Our new house will have some big problem, like it’s really loud at night.[/li][li]Either our purchase of the new house or our sale of the current house will fall through without enough time for us to work a new deal.[/li][li]My baby will not be healthy.[/li][li]The tiny little company I work for will fold under.[/li][li]My baby will grow up to be a douche bag.[/li][li]The organization I am now president of, because over half the board quit last year (assholes) won’t be able to accomplish its objective this year and it will be my fault.[/li][li]I won’t like raising chickens and my mother will be all “Haha, I’m right!”.[/li][li]My mother in law will be killed living in Mexico and my husband and I will have to go there and figure out her shit.[/li][li]I’m going to have massive stretch marks.[/li][li]At my 16 week appointment this Friday we will discover the baby is dead and I will have to tell my husband because he isn’t coming this time.[/li][li]A really old friend I haven’t seen in years is going to lunch with me today and we will have nothing to talk about and it will be really awkward.[/li][li]My husband will never grow up and actually do his jobs around the house, and be a total slacker parent.[/li][/ul]

I’m sure I will have more in a while, I am a bit of a worrier. :smiley:

Good idea!

Varying levels of importance and/or likelihood

  • I will fail one/most/all of my finals/classes, or end up with all C’s
  • The water damage from a broken washing machine in my apartment is unfixable and I’ll have to pay a fine
  • I won’t be able to pack up and be ready in time to leave Saturday (don’t have a car) and someone will have to wait on me and be mad
  • I won’t get to see my friends/boyfriend much or at all this summer
  • Mine or my family’s cars will keep breaking down and I’ll be the one to go without (even though sis works less than half a mile away and has friends drive her places, she won’t be made to hand over the keys cuz she isn’t made to do anything)
  • My summer will be full of drama with family and I will get sucked back into the crazy
  • I will be stuck caring for a sick relative and for 3 dogs that aren’t mine (2 rowdy untrained puppies), doing all grocery shopping and cooking for 5 picky people and listening to their money woes despite them doing nothing to fix them, taking online classes, and still being told how lazy and worthless I am all summer
  • I won’t get healthier or less depressed or lose the 10 to 20 pounds I’ve set as a goal this summer
  • My skin will stay terrible like it has been since I was ten years old
  • My sick relative won’t have surgery/recover from surgery on schedule and I’ll miss out on a resume-building, important job experience that lasts less than 2 weeks if no one else in the family steps up
  • This same relative will get worse or die (is in mid 70s) and my chance to go to college (am paying her back instead of the bank) will be over
  • I will not graduate due to being kicked out of my program, quitting, and/or getting ill again
  • I will graduate and not get a job in my field or one at all
  • I will lose the support of the few people I trust because I try their patience and ask too much from them and they finally give up on me

surprisingly… I feel better. whew

cost! cost! cost!

Not to make light of your worries but this cracked me up. :smiley:
I just wish more people worried about this.

*Something will happen to my family/other loved ones.
*Some minor discomfort will turn out to be a major health problem that I’ve ignored.
*My less than brilliant eating/exercise habits will catch up with me and I’ll get fat.
*I’ll never have steady employment and I’ll have to live paycheck to paycheck.
*My boyfriend and I won’t always love and support each other as much as we do now.
*My laptop will break when I can’t afford a new one.
*I won’t always be able to keep my grades up.
*Nuclear war will erupt. This also relates to #1 because my family and boyfriend are in DC.
*Most people dislike me or find me embarrassing to be around.

The thing I worry about the most is my relationship. Not because it’s on the rocks. In fact it’s by far the best relationship I have ever had or could have, and I think it has serious long-term potential. In addition to just being an all around amazing human being, my boyfriend helped me through a period of intense depression that I’m not sure I would have been able to deal with without him. Even just the hypothetical thought of losing him is extremely distressing to me. I am worried I may rely on him too much.

Which leads me to…
*I post about my relationship too much and it’s tempting fate.

  • I’m being charged with several different crimes right now because of a bad split-second decision I made while being drunk. (I.e. Running from the cops)
  • I’ll have a criminal record and won’t get into nursing school because of it.
  • I’ll have a hard time ever finding a decent job because of it
  • I’ll have a hard time ever living on my own because of it
  • I’ll have a hard time ever meeting a decent girl because of what a loser this could make me out to be.
  • everyone I know will eventually find out about it and be very disappointed in me.
  • I’m getting fat and I may never get back the body I used to have.
  • I’ve passed/screwed up many of the best opportunities I’ve had in my life and won’t be able to find happiness.
  • my dads health.
  • my sisters psychological health and well being.
  • economy continuing to suck
  • getting in a car wreck
  • Never getting control of my emotions and feel and behave the way I want too.

All for now

I start a new job Monday so among other things I’m currently worried that:

-No one will like me at all
-I’ll hate working there
-Even with this pay increase we’ll never be able to save up enough to buy a house
-My kid is going to choke on his food and I won’t be able to save him
-My kid is never going to sleep through the night

My brakes are squealing and I can’t afford to get them fixed.
I think my sister is a suicide risk since her girlfriend cheated on her. And she’s living/working over a thousand miles away and there’s nothing I can do about it if she wants to kill herself.
I have to visit graves on Mother’s Day and I’m going to cry and hate it and maybe my brakes will go out.