Write the rest of this song!

This might be fun…

A weird kid in high school would always sing this song that he had made up. I still remember the first line and it pops into my head from time to time (mainly because it happens a lot in my life).

Anyway first line goes like this.

When procrastination takes its toll (bum bum bum)!

You need an ace in the hole (bum bum bum)…

I would have responded earlier, but I kept putting it off – oh well, it fits the theme of the song!

Maybe something to soothe your soul (wah wah wah, nyeeeeer-wrang-kerang)

Does it have any kind of tune we might recognize?

Does it make you tear out your hair
and claw out your eyes? Da da da ding ding!

Yeah! (bum) Yeah! (bum) Yeaaaahhhhhh!