Write to a soldier

I have tried in vain to find any sites for this.

The folks at anysoldier.com say that a letter is the best thing that you can send, so even though their site is mostly about care packages, you could probably send mail to any of the soldiers who’ve signed up to use their service.

Booksforsoldiers.com is another; although the soldiers are technically requesting books, letters are always welcome.
Anysoldier.com is probably the largest though.

There used to be some deal with “Dear Abby” doing a letters for soldiers kinda thing. Might have been called “Operation Dear Abby” or somesuch. Not sure if she still does that or not.

Here you go.

Hmm, I remember from many years ago that I heard that the US Military did have an “any soldier” program, but it was shut down for a number of reasons, possibly including the fact that war protesters could send demoralizing propaganda through it, and that girls would use it to try to find a boyfriend and that letters were being seen addressed to “Any Single Medical Officer” and such.

What kind of Soldier do you want to write to?

PM me. I have the address for an entire platoon of Marines in Afghanistan that I have my Boys Scouts write to.


A few months ago I wrote to an “Any Soldier” program run by the United Service Organizations, and received a brushoff letter from the lieutenant colonel in charge of an Army Intel unit (now in Afghanistan) saying that they were “entirely focused on completing our mission.” Uh, OK. Just trying to help, sir. :rolleyes:

will do.

The USO has a program where you can write to a wounded soldier.

Dear Private Whatchername.

How are you? I am fine.

Is it hot there? I bet it is. It’s cooler here.

Are those helmets hot? They look hot. Maybe you’re not wearing a helmet right now. I would take mine off whenever I could. And if they looked at me funny, I’d say “Hey, I’m reading a letter.”

Are you reading a letter? I bet you are.

Well, that’s all for now. Next week I’ll tell you all about my dog and my lab rats and my favorite cereal.

Keep ‘em flyin’,


I am surprised you were not clearly informed not to expect a response at all. Most of the support sites I’m aware of are extremely clear on that. I’m sorry you felt brushed off, but if you got a response at all, and you didn’t include stamped, self-addressed stationary in your letter, someone went out of their way to communicate with you. I think you had off-base expectations. God forbid a Lt. Col. be “entirely focused on the mission.” How inappropriate. :rolleyes:

I think that ignoring the letter would have been politer than acting like the letter was an unwelcome distraction.