Write your own happy ending

Tired of books with sad endings? Why not write your own happy ending.

Lord Of The Rings
Saruman can’t find the Shire, becomes a used horse salesman and never goes to the Shire
Frodo opens a jewelery shop and marries the beautiful hobbit twins Bambi and Candi Bigtits.
The Ents find the Entwives and settle down near the Shire.
The Elves see what a great job Aragorn is doing and return from Valimar. In latter days Minis Tirith is often compaired to Numenor at it’s heighth.
Gandalf opens a a school for wizards called–well you know.
Instead of sailing for Valimar, Legolas and Gimli become privateers and hunt down the remnants of the corsairs of Umbar.
On Frodo’s one hundred eleventh birthday the nine companions (and Arwen) disapeer from Middle Earth. Some people claim to have seen them heading for the Gray Havens.

Shane realizes what a moron he is and stays.

**Gone With The Wind **
The South wins the Civil War, Atlanta dosn’t burn down, Rhett realizes what a moron he is and stays with Scarlett.

Romeo and Juliet
Romeo recovers before Juliet arrives and they live happily ever after.

Star Wars
Anakin never goes over to the Dark Side, leads the Jedi in a successful early revolt against the Emperor Palpatine, and “The Phantom Menace”(along with Jar-Jar) never has to be made.