Writer's Guide Suggestions Needed

A friend of mine has successfully published a short romance novel and wants to improve her style. Does anyone have some suggestions for romance writer’s guide books? The target is specifically for the written word and not television or film. Web sites that provide this sort of information would also be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

I don’t know any romance guides since I’ve never written anything like that, but I can suggest that she pick up some popular romance writers, read them and see what they do, then use it to enhance her own style.
Also finding different ways to say the exact same thing is good too, especially from the sexual standpoint. How many ways can YOU say ‘fondling her boobs’ in a romance novel? :wink:


Well, the content at http://www.sfwa.org really works for every type of genre writer to some extent. She might also see what the Romance Writers of America (http://www.rwanational.org/) has for that particular genre.

How about going to a bookstore?

Amazon shows, in print:

The Art of Romance Writing: How to Create, Write and Sell Your Contemporary Romance Novel, by Valerie Parv.

Writing the Romance Novel, by Leigh Michaels.

Romance Writer’s Pink Pages: The Insider’s Guide to Getting Your Romance Novel Published (1996/97), by Eve Paludan.