Wrong Turn 2

Out of the blue I watched this last night. It was just starting on the movie channel when I got home. I almost didn’t. The way it started I thought to myself “I don’t think I’m in the mood for gore at this time” but something made me keep watching.

I ended up enjoying it (not hugely, but enough that I watched the whole thing)

Googling “Wrong Turn” seems to show that it had a better cast (Well it had Eliza Dushku anyway) So if I enjoyed the second one, will I enjoy the first one?

It also had Emmanuelle Chriqui, who is smoking hot. It was a typical crazy-unstoppable-killer film, but with three ugly inbreds instead of one villain. It isn’t worse than the first one, anyway.

I actually enjoyed Wrong Turn, first because I’ve always suspected there were inbred cannibals in West Virginia, and second because of the the excellent makeup by Stan Winston (who directed). He based it on medical studies of the products of successive inbreeding; not pretty.