Wrong way to support the president

So there’s this guy in Brooklyn who likes Obama. Really really likes Obama. And so, to prove his love for Obama to the world, he decides to change his restuarant’s name to… Obama Fried Chicken. :smack:


With his new takeout menu of Yes We Canned Ham.

I’ve heard about this. Apparently there are several places that were recently renamed after Obama. If I was running a pizza parlor or a video store or an auto dealership and I decided to rename it after Obama, nobody would doubt my sincerity. But if I own a chicken restaurant and rename my business after Obama, I’m a racist. My take on this is it’s intended as a sincere tribute (lots of fried chicken restaurants are already named after Kennedy) and people should stop looking for reasons to cry racism.

The first item advertised on the sign is “Halal food”.

Obama is a Muslim after all!

Not necessarily, it’s just a really stupid idea.

Why? I’ve heard the ‘Black people like fried chicken’ stereotype, but as far as I’m concerned, its at worst harmless, and at best comical. It’s no different than George’s Steakhouse would be.

Now I might agree with you if he had a pet store that specialized in monkeys…

Would it be a stupid idea if it was the Obama Donut Shop or the Obama Car Wash?