WTF? I can't download images.

I seem to be completely unably to download internet images.

If i link to a news page, for example, all the text downloads fine but none of the images do. The little symbol in the top right corner of IE keeps spinning, but the DSL modem shows no activity, and neither does the little two-screen symbol at the bottom right of my screen.

I’ve had a little bit of modem trouble recently–a couple of times the “Ready” light has started blinking (instead of being steady), and i’ve had to disconnect and turn the modem off and then on again in order to reconnect.

Anyone had this problem before, or have an suggestions?

Which version of IE and which OS?

I’ve seen this problem on a couple of our office machines. Both are Compaq Evo N160’s, running Windows 98SE, and various vintages of IE, most recently IE 6.0.2 It just decides to stop downloading images. Rebooting has always fixed the problem, though.

Have you tried Tools/Internet Options/Advanced/Show Pictures ?

I’m running IE 6.0.2800 on Windows ME.

I rebooted the computer and it seems to be working OK now. I’ll let you know if this situation changes.

I looked in the Advanced Internet Options area, and the “Show Pictures” button was ticked.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Did you try clearing your cache? It might be full and not able to empty itself for some reason. Or just might be causing a problem.

The “cache” is the Temporary Internet Folders thing, right?