WTF!? I'm disgusted

I was looking at the webpage that someone posted about the plane crash in Milan (:() when something caught my eye. Clicking confirmed my suspicions.

They’re making “Heroes of the World Trade Center Collector Cards.” All I could think was “WHAT!? This is ridiculous!” MY next thought was that this blatantly commercial “tribute” (and I use the term loosely) was very insulting, despite the respects paid to those who died in the attacks. I’m sorry, but I would be humiliated to be immortalized on collector cards. About the only good thing I can think of in this absurdity is that the families of victims will get 8% of the profits. That’s still pretty token (after all, Chestnut Publications is getting the other 92%, the bastards) but it’s probably a higher percentage than most corporations would pay.

a**holes :mad:. Anyone with me on this? I’m truly disgusted.

and i thought the plaque made from the tower wrecks was sad…

Third time…will it go this time??

A link would be nice.

At least it’s not a “Terrorist Heroes of the Islamic World” that features people like Osama Bin Laden and Mohammad Atta…

Here’s a set from Choice Marketing, where 100% of the proceeds go to the FDNY Uniformed Firefighters Association Schlorship Fund, Inc. Doesn’t have pictures of them, though.

Sorry Reeder… it’s on Yahoo news, but it was a window with no address bar.

'scuse me Baglady, but what does that have to do with anything? I’m not saying that tributes are wrong (though they are getting old), I’m just saying that this blatantly commercial “tribute” is a sick and cynical way to make yet more money off of this tragedy. It’s sad, no matter what the circumstances.

The OP seems to me like a rant, so I’m going to move it on over to The BBQ Pit.

Do you have a link? I’m really hoping that this is a joke!??

Ok, I can’t link directly, but go here, scroll down to the “World” category and click “Terrorism and Sept. 11 Attacks.” It’s there, it really is. I shit you not. Scary stuff, I think.

Here’s a direct link:

Really? Why? Pro-ball players don’t seem to mind. I think it would be pretty cool. Heck, if by the time I die I don’t have either a trading card or an action figure in my likeness, I’m going to be very disappointed.

I don’t think this one is too terrible. Not nearly as bad as those pins supposedly made out pieces of the wreckage. If the families aren’t complaining, I’m not going to do it for them.

Actually, they do. That’s why other than their rookie year (when it’s still a novelty) you usually see cards with them in batting/fielding shots rather than posed shots.