Fuck you, you tacky bastards (9-11)!

(I think this is my first Pit thread)

Tacky barely begins to describe this ! Eeesh…they even had to put an image of the WRECKAGE on it, instead of just a flag or the standing towers…If you want to see someone profiting from anothers pain, well, here ya go!

I still want a chunk of the Berlin Wall, though…

I get a “wrong url” notification. What is it exactly?

Me too.

d’oh! try this: http://www.pds.com/cgi-bin/stores/0911.cgi?prod=frontpage.html&uid=QojY6gAA1018970758&company=0911&msrc=

I found it, of all places, in the Opera ad banner at the top of my browser…almost makes me want to buy the damn software outright so I won’t have to see the ad anymore…

Sweet Mother of God, that’s tacky to the max.

Wow. What kind of people buy this?

My (least) favorite bits:
“Own a Piece of History TM”
“We Will Never Forget TM”
“* Plaques are not made entirely from the World Trade Center Towers metal and the exact percentage of metal used in each plaque will vary.”

Is this actually being condoned by the port authority, or is that a line of BS?

I thought they were going to stay out of the marketing nonsense that sprang out of the tradgedy. You’d think they’d want their name kept out of it, and especially supplying any actual remnants of the building.

Well, their “history” section says

“It was the New York/New Jersey Port Authority, through the We Will Never Forget™ association with D.A.R.E., that made possible the acquiring of a portion of the World Trade Center’s remaining standing steel structure. This portion of metal was processed and used to insure that plaques would have the symbolic amount of metal from the remaining structure.”

I think it’s a fancy way of saying they bought some of the scrap metal, probably without saying what they were going to do with it…not that fancy, though, as “acquiring” would be better off as “acquisition”. D.A.R.E. has disassociated themselves, though…

No shit, Sherlock.

This hovers somewhere between sick and pathetic. It is, however, in keeping with a long line of similarly tacky “memorials” and “soak the suckers” schemes down through the years. At least teh USS Maine plaques (many made from scrap from the wreck) were mostly set-up in public parks and the like.

My favorite has always been the commemerative plates of the fireman carrying the dead baby at OK city. How’d you like to invite the parents of the baby over for dinner and use that to serve them?

man, tacky doesnt begin to describe it. voracious, unscrupulous, blood-sucking… someone help me out here.

do these people sleep at night?

no…they’re obviously vampires and sleep during the DAY…

I would counter that monstrosity with this. Suitable for framing.

See the rest of the carnage from Something Awful here.

“Go Long!”

Whatever “this” is, Sofa King, it cannot be found - bad link.

I think he was trying to link to this. The caption on the original page (found here) is, “Bagpuss [the creator] has no problem admitting that he’s a horrible monster for making this image”.

Thanks, Max. As always, the best propaganda looks like the enemy’s propaganda.

I bet Osama ordered a dozen of those plaques, y’know, like a trophy…