WTF? Metallica sues another band for "unsanctioned usage" of the E and F chords?!?!

It’s one of those lawsuits that has to be true, because no one could make it up.


Gotta be some kind of mistake, huh? Who’d be dumb enough to try to do that? But, according to Metallica’s own website, it’s for real. Moans Lars Ulrich,

Mr. Ulrich claims that bands who use the devious, underhanded practice of playing an F chord directly after an E sow “confusion” among rock fans, who obviously must have a hard time telling, you know, an indie Canadian band from the Monsters of Corporate Rock.

I hereby send a warning to all other posters. From now on, anyone who uses “i” before “e” will be sued. It’s my signature typing style to use i before e. That handy jingle “i before e, except after c,” etc.? I copyrighted that. So I own it now. You have been warned…my lawyers are on a short leash.

Good to know that, surrounded by high-paid lawyers and rock execs, no one thought to warn Metallica of how dumb this was. Talk about shooting all credibility you have to pieces.

It is so ridiculous and stupid.

I wonder what they mean by “traditionally associated with Metallica.” Do you they realize what big can of worms they’re trying to open?

Didn’t they steal their name from the genre?

Wait 'till the Ramones hear about this!

It’s a joke. They just did really good mock-ups of Metallica’s and MTV’s web sites.

Its a hoax. Look at the URLs. was a parody site back a few years ago, Erik was the webmaster, he writes for 411 now.

I know its all sorts of “in” now to bash Metallica, but have your facts straight.

Uh oh. I wrote a song where the E was followed by the F once. Actually, maybe more than once. And I do seem to remember playing a couple of songs where this happened, as well. In high school marching band, even! Furthermore, I once walked around for a couple of days with “Darkness / Imprisioning me / Absolute torture / All I can see” in my head. Da-da-da-da-dum da-da-da-da-da-dum. Oh crap. I just wrote that on a message board. Now all YOU can get sued as well. It’ll be like a reverse-class-action-suit: Metallica v Every One Who Ever Heard Their Songs.


That’s fucking funny. I almost bought it too. I do know that a while ago Harley did try and sue other motorcycle manufactures because they said Harley has a distinctive sound. They didn’t win but they did try.

Aw, fuck it. :frowning: I can’t believe it.

(I actually did think it may be a hoax, but I figured the URL of a lot of fan sites isn’t “” or whatever. And if there ever was a band that was going to do this…)

Metallica sues Bevis and Butthead for using E & F chords in their air guitar riff solos, as well as unauthorized Metallica t-shirt likeness. Bill and Ted to get excellently sued next.
Lars didn’t have a problem with this.
Smee thinking Metallica turning into greedy twats…

ok smee got the page not found bit… try going stickdeath, then clicking 5MOCA whiskey in the jar

Eh, time to kill off my own thread, methinks.

That came out way more assholish than I meant it. Sorry if it seemed like I was flaming you Duke.

Metallica, bah!

Fuck 'em.

it actually wouldn’t surprise me if it were true.

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