Metallica: Copyright infringers!

OK, as we all know Metallica really, really hates file sharing networks. Here’s their latest tactic: Disguising their newest songs as John Denver tunes and releasing them on P2P networks.

Cute trick, right? Pissing the headbangers off by making them download “Rocky Mountain High” in disguise.

But I’m curious – I doubt they got the permission of the John Denver estate to do this. And those John Denver songs are still under copyright. So unless I miss my guess…couldn’t the Denver estate sue Metallica for copyright infringement?

And isn’t Metallica doing exactly that to which they claim to be opposed – namely, taking away the right of the copyright holder to determine when and how a song is distributed?

Oh, the delicious irony.

That is all.

(I know, lame – but I couldn’t figure out where to put this. It’s kind of MPSIMS-ey, but also has both GQ and GD elements. I finally figured it’d end up here in the Pit eventually anyway.)

Where marketing people are concerned -
Never rule out stupidity.

People still listen to Metallica? Wow.

I thought they passed through the event horizon of suckage years ago and collapsed into an infinitely miniscule and dense point of crap.

This has the snot-encrusted piss-ant taint of Lars Ulrich all over it.

Who are the people still listening to and buying their new stuff when they have really gone downhill over the years and have such an openly hostile and contemptous attitude toward their fans?

Yeah, I know “fan” derived from “fanatic”, but come on.

Ahem, yes. Even before Napster. :cool: <~Me

Having listened to both the post-$5.98 EP Metallica and John Denver, I have to ask, “can the kids tell the difference?”

If one is unable to tell the difference between John Denver and Metallica, one should consider investing in heavy-duty gear for the hearing impaired. Preferably something with wheels and a backup power source.

IMHO, anyway.

I heard about this, and wondered the same thing; did they get permission? Being such a fan of irony, I hope not.

Apparently, they only care when it’s their OWN copyrights being violated.

Considering the veeeery vague insinuations on that news site, without actual accusations or evidence against Metallica or its agents, and considering the number of times I have seen entire 700 meg movies turn out to be totally blank from file-sharing services, and considering the legal ramifications of taking someone else’s work and passing it around for free without his estate’s permission…

I would guess that this is the result of people who just think this is funny. Remember that apparently some people think writing viruses is funny.

Oh c’mon now, And Justice For All didn’t completely suck… that was only the black album and afterwards.