wtf? no reason even given for closing FriarTed's thread

MEBuckner doesn’t even give a reason for shutting down what was a decent thread.

No name-calling, no snarkiness (a couple of jokes, but no snarking), and fair amount of decent information regarding the John Birch society… but MEBuckner just killed it, and didn’t even bother to attempt to justify it.

WTF? Why should he be forced to start a new thread to discuss what we are already discussing?

Please reconsider and re-open this thread.

Take a careful look at the posting dates of #30 and #31 in that thread. The motive should then become painfully obvious.

It’s a resurrected thread from 2005.

That, plus all the mentions of undead and zombies…

lol i go away for a couple of years and THIS is what happens

Thanks guys; I’ll see if I can find another thread with the same topic that is more recent.

And I’ll pay more attention to thread post dates, too. :smiley:

Consider my ignorance (on this, at least) fought and beaten like a zombie in a laserlimbo contest.

Yeah, I mentioned to FriarTed in another conversation that I’d like to see an ask the JBS thread. He linked to an old thread on the same topic, and I didn’t realize it was three years old.

I mistakenly resurrected an old thread, and then suggested to the mods that I had made a mistake.

What’d you do, just leave the thread open in your browser window that whole time? :wink:

Whoops, I assumed you had been the one to rectify the thread. My bad. :o


New thread!

Thanks for the support but I didn’t intend for the old one to be resurrected. I was just pointing out where it was.

I think I’m going to bump this thread in 2011 just for the hell of it.

Just out of curiosity, what’s the problem with answering an older thread? What’s the deadline?

666 days after the last post. The moderators here have some … troubling beliefs.

For a serious answer, the main reason it’s frowned upon is that everyone in the conversation has forgotten about it, and they might even have left the boards, so they can’t really be expected to respond to comments made in it. Also, depending on the kind of thread it is, people may have different answers two years later than what they originally said in the thread. There’s not a specific deadline, but generally, you know it when you see it.

Vox Imperatoris

From the “Guidelines and Etiquette” sticky in ATMB: