WTF! someone stole my shoes!

The gall of it.

I decided to take a break from work and go out to buy something to eat, problem is, when I checked on the entrance* my shoes (actually sandals) where gone! :mad:

No, in the first place I´m beggining to starve here, in second place I´m calling it a day in one hour and in third place, if there´s one city in the world where you don´t want to walk around barefoot, that´s Bangkok.


*It´s the custom here not to wear shoes inside, so you leave them at the entrance.

It wasn’t in Bangkok, but a gazillion years ago when I was in high school, we were doing some floor exercises on the mat in PE, so we had to take off our shoes. Someone pinched my brand-new-just-brought-them-in-that-day sneakers. I had to get some crappy replacements before the next PE class. I hadn’t thought about that in years. Now I’m pissed again. Thanks a lot! :stuck_out_tongue:

So yeah, I agree, that’s pretty sucky.

Had my sandals stolen once. I had just put my Jetski in the water and had to park my car then walk several hundred feet across Florida sun heated asphalt to get back on my jetski. I sure as hell wasn’t going to do that barefoot, so I wore my sandals.

I took them off on the beach and took off on the Jetski. When I got back, they were gone. Fuckers!

I’ve buried my sandals in the sand by the beach entrance to prevent just such a thing.
Nothing to do about leaving them at an entryway, though, except maybe hiding them under ugly shoes. Sorry, Ale.

When I was a teen I saved up a bunch of money to buy myself some new Airwalk shoes.

A few months later, someone broke in to our house (our quiet suburban neighborhood house), rifled through all of our things and stole expensive things they could carry like jewelry and old baseball cards, and my shoes. My brand new $70 friggin shoes that were nothing special or rare.

For the next few weeks my best friend and I sat in the hallway during lunch at school and watched everyone’s feet as they went by, looking for my shoes. We never found them.

The fuck do people want with other people’s shoes?!?!

Someone stole my shoes at the swimming pool at Oceana Naval Air Station. Not new or expensive shoes, either. People are weird.

Stealing shoes is just not done. How (what’s a word stronger than annoying/irritating but not as strong as life-destroying or something?) for you. The word for this face —> :mad:

I remember when my shoes got stolen.

Not even my shoes, my winter boots. Why? Pretty sure someone was just being a shit because the vice principal found them in the BIG garbage bin outside.

They didn’t even take them cuz they needed them, they just grabbed them and threw them out.

I’ll be especially interested in the reactions to this from Amarinth, Fordperfect, Czarcasm, Tdn, and of course Diogenes.


When I was but nineteen, I had just bought some platform sandals, the platforms of which were surfaced in cork. They were all the rage in 1975. I went to a house party and took them off to dance, and when I came back to put them on, they were gone. Some bitch or other wore them home that night, while I had to explain my bare feet to my suspicious parents. As someone else mentioned above, now I’m pissed off all over again.

I’ve never had mine stolen, but I’ve had people accidentally wear the wrong pair out of the temple. Even this annoys me - why can’t you look more closely? Then I have to chase you down.

Sorry about your shoes!

Years ago, I woke up one morning to realize I’d fallen asleep with the light on and door unlocked in my small rental by the street. During the night, someone had come in, went to my kitchen and got the loaf of bread, ripped it open and taken a few slices out and then dropped the remainder in the middle of the floor and stole my boots. Strange.

I’m still sore about my pink-and-purple sandals getting stolen from near the slide on the playground when I was about… five or six.

Nuts to the thief, Ale. sympathetic hugs

Ale, I’m very sorry. I won’t judge your anger, as before one does, one is supposed to walk a mile in…oh. Right. Carry on.

Years ago we had a series of thefts from our neighborhood in about a week. All were items that had been left outside in the winter. (porch = extra refrigerator when it’s cold.)
Taken from three different houses were
One beer from a six pack
One pack of deer steaks
One rubber boot.

The trouble with rich people hogging all the shoes is they can’t tell it’s the identical problem to giant corporations declaring they “own” the rain forests and can clear cut them at will.
Those things belong to all of us. Just be happy you got a greater share of your shoes than everyone else you’ve ever known. (Rich kids! Bah!)

When I was working at Disney, I had my work shoes stolen from the locker room.
I was really poor, & couldn’t replace them. I got canned, for violating dress code.

Maybe your thief was using the rubber boot to carry the beer and steaks as his/her own little surreal Christmas stocking. :wink:


Well, maybe someone was thinking about critisizing me because when I left the office yesterday, the shoes where back in place. :dubious:
I mean, what was that? a test drive or something?, I wonder if I could get toe-prints from them.

For a long time I had this as my signature on the SDMB:

“Before you critisize a man, walk a mile in his shoes. Then, when you critisize him, you’ll be a mile away, plus, he’ll have no shoes.”

Coincidence?, I don´t think so…