WTF - Tested on Puppies???

I just saw a commercial on TV advertising Kleenex Cottonelle wipes with the puppy.

Then my jaw dropped when they said: Tested on puppies!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

Sorry to burst your happy bubble but just about every drug and cosmetic was tested on animals at some point. The stuff that advertises that it wasn’t tested on animals? They bought the recipe off someone who did.

I can’t tell if your reaction is serious or just kidding. Aren’t they just referring to the puppy that probably played with/in the Cottonelle or something like that? I haven’t seen the commercial though.

I agree. This was a marketing ploy. Soft tissue, soft puppies, everyone’s soft and happy. No one hurt dem puppies.

It would have been a lot funnier if it was a commercial for CLR.

An excellent use for a wipe is the removal of cling-ons from pets’butt fur.

Perhaps this ad was an attempt to allude to this in a tasteful manner.

There’s an advertisement for Cottonelle Toilet paper. It has a picture of a Labrador puppy asleep on the toilet paper’s cushiony softness.

The tagline…

“Lab tested for softness”

Was your advertisement something along those lines, perhaps?