WTF with the Denver Broncos sitting Marshall and Scheffler

OK, Josh McDaniels and Brandon Marshall don’t like each other. Fine, deal with it in the off season. You’re trying to make the playoffs. And where did Tony Scheffler come into all this? He gets benched too?

I’m not a Broncos fan, so I could care less if they make the playoffs. But, it hurts the game when the best players aren’t on the field when the game means something. The Denver Broncos look like they’re tanking the game and that hurts the sport.


The Josh McDaniels prespective seems to be that he has two players who think that they are above the rules and that he needs to put his foot down on them. I can see his side of it, if these guys are disrespecting his authority as coach and he plays them anyway to put winning over disipline he will totally lose control of the team.

I have not seen much from the other side of this so I do not know how much of this is truly driven by the players behavior and how much is coming from McDaniels wanting to put players he is in conflict with in thier place.

McDaniels seems more than a bit insecure doesn’t he?

I understand his point, the coach needs to be the coach. But he seems intent on driving away all of Denver’s talent. For the most part the local fans seem to be giving him the benefit of the doubt. But I don’t think it is going to last very long unless he can get some results next year. How he is going to do that after getting rid of the franchise QB and two of the best receivers, I don’t know. I don’t think Eddie Royal is ready to start carrying this offense.

So yeah, you need to work things out with your players Josh. But can you please not embarrass then in the media?