WTF Yahoo!

Is it me or did Yahoo! change it’s log in requirements? It logs me out every 5 fucking minutes. It just did it now in the middle of clicking on ‘inbox’. Godamnit!
[sup]Yes, I’ve checked the keep me logged in box[/sup]

No problem here, so it’s likely on your side.

Try clearing your Yahoo! cookie(s). In Firefox, it’s Tools > Options > Show Cookies, and then type Yahoo in the search bar. Delete any cookies that show up. I don’t know IE, but this link seems to explain it. If you use another web browser, I’m sure someone else can help. You can usually at least delete all of them in your browser’s options or preferences.

Oh, and make sure your date and time on your computer is correct. You’d be surprised how often this screws people up.

That’s all I can think to tell you without more information. Even having to log in every few weeks (and not being able to save my login information) is one of the reasons I gave up Yahoo! Mail.