In my user CP, I have over 25 peoplewho I am apparently buddies with, even though I do not ever remember giving permission more than 3. I know it’s easy to do so, bit I KNOW I did not request them as my buddies.
I’m also subscribed to threads that I have not even posted in, let alone viewed!
Secondly, I’m subscribed to forums I’ve never posted in, or posted one post yet I am subscribed to them.
So, WTF?

It’s possible to hit the buddy icon and not notice it. If the board is really fast (as it sometimes is these days), it’ll return you right back to the thread within 2 seconds. Look away for that long, and you’d think your click on the “search” button missed, for example.

As to being subscribed to threads you never even read, that IS strange. Can you give an example of such a thread?

He has 23 buddies which he did not ask for and I don’t have any.

[ul]:confused: [sup]WTF?[/sup][/ul]

Do you drink much?