My cow-orker just pulled a stupid one. We have a backup system here, and it works on a weekly cycle- any error over a week old doesn’t matter, because we do weekly full backups and daily partial backups. One backup in a remote site had an error- a simple ‘the file is open, so we can’t copy it’ error. My cow-orker and I check the logs daily for any problems. She claimed to find a “tape format not valid” error, or something like that. I could not find said error, and when I peeked over the cube wall to look, I noticed why. The error did happen. IN MARCH of LAST year! This is not the oddest one today either…

Anyone else have any odd cow-orker stories?

WTS- hoping for a stray asteroid…

got one for you Wonko, Dan just ran out of deoderant again. can you smell him?

Would that be the NYC Dan, or the Tosco Oil Dan?

'Cause I think I can smell the Tosco Dan, and I’m 95 miles away, but then again, I’m downwind.

must be nyc dan, cause i’m right near him, and i think i might need to go to the hospital later and have them let me wear an oxygen mask for a while.
the above is a random link inserted for a randomly selected reason…

The person in question at my work asked for a calculator today. We have NT destop machines on every desk. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!