WTH? A "running" dress?!

Yes … a running dress

Why not? There have been tennis dresses always. Running skirts. Hiking skirts.

Although, deep discount sez these seem not to have been that popular.

So long as there are undies worn with the dress, I dont see how it differs from the outfits worn by many female Olympic runners and pole vaulters, except of course, more fabric. A sports bra and running shorts is basically running in a bikini, which is fine with me. With exercise clothing, form should follow function.

That looks super comfy. I don’t get in much running these days, but elementary school me (who was on the track team because it was something to do) would have loved to have something to run in that didn’t require elastic around the waist.

Yup, I’ve got a running skirt. I’d wear it (except that particular one doesn’t provide enough coverage for my sports bra) :frowning:

The deep discount’s only on the XL. The S/M/L sold out. (I’m not seeing any support in that thing - which might be one of the reasons why they have XL’s still in stock. No support and spaghetti straps are kind of a design flaw.)

I own a running skirt and a biking skirt. They’re exercise clothes.

I like it. Not that I’d wear it, you know.

They need to make a red one.

Yeah, no way in hell would that thing keep my boobs under control. I see how it could be a useful item of workout clothing for some, but it’s not for me.

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those have been around for several years now. I would imagine that particular dress is for those women who don’t mind showing bra under the dress. It’s a common attitude these days. I personally wouldn’t wear it because I prefer sleeves on my workout clothing. I do like the longer length on that one, however, most running skirts/dresses are several inches shorter.

I wear two heavy-duty sports bras under cuter workout tops. I would wear this, but for sure not alone!

I know a woman who has a similar running or exercise dress in red, since I saw her wear it as part of a Lady Gaga costume a couple of years ago (2009 VMA outfit). She wanted something a little warmer to go under her red lace veil.

That’s a lot more stylish than the muslim women I saw snow skiing in their burka’s a few years ago in Aspen.

I like it, good price, and it’s from REI!

Ugh. I get that it’s a trend now, and all, and my husband really wants to see me run in skirts and neon pink compression socks, like runner barbie. I have an instinctive, negative reaction to it… when I run, I want to be bad ass, grungy, sweaty, kicking ass and taking names! I don’t want to look “cute”.

As far as I can tell, running skirts are about function, not form. And I run in calf compression sleeves (black) because they work. Both of those items are functional.

Yes, and? Not sure why the concept is apparently bizarre to you; like others have said, running skirts are pretty common. Skirted running gear often comes with bottoms (like a leotard or like short-shorts) made of the same material underneath. Lots of women like them because they don’t need to worry about shorts bunching up (both uncomfortable and dorky looking).

I’d wear that if my fish belly white self didn’t prefer longer pants and at least short sleeves (way too much skin would have to be covered in sunblock). Worrying about my sports bra showing would never occur to me; you’re working out, not going somewhere.

To explain the sports bra comment -
If I’m wearing a generic workout top and a sports bra and the two don’t align, so what? Anyone who’s seen me at the gym knows that I do not care at all about that sort of thing.

However, with this specific running dress, to me, those shoulder (split, spaghetti style straps that have a crossover in the back) look like they’re an intentional design element. To me, it looks like the designer thought the straps looked cool and didn’t stop to think how their design would look after the wearer throws a sports bra with additional non-aligning straps on under it. A better designer would have taken that into account.

I suspect that your husband wants to see you run in skirts because he really wants to lay you. :eek: