WTH? No City Sticker renewal by mail anymore?

So I’m reading my local news on Yahoo! Local, and I see that today is the last day to buy a City Sticker for your car. What???

All my life, they send you a renewal by mail, well in advance. All my life, I use it. I never had to think about when my sticker was up, they’d tell me. Very nice.

But nothing this year, nothing at all, and I nearly missed the deadline. I guess I can go to a currency exchange, but when did they stop mailing out renewal notices? Is this Rahm’s idea? Or did I just get unlucky somehow?

This never woulda happened when Da Mare was still in charge!

I got a letter in the mail. I don’t have it in front of me but I recall being able to buy stickers via mail, at City Clerk offices, and certain community retailers, mostly currency exchanges and grocery stores. I think mail orders needed to have been received by the Clerk’s office a couple weeks before the July 1 due date.

I got a ticket last year in October for a city sticker violation. $120 lesson learned.

I got a letter in the mail, too. I think yours must have gone AWOL.

Thanks for the replies. Looks like I just got unlucky. The mail service in my neighborhood is notoriously bad, so it probably just got lost.

Going to the currency exchange was easy enough. I’m more worried about missing the deadline entirely without the reminder. Guess I’ll set up a Google Calendar alert for next year!

Rahm gets a pass. THIS time. But watch it!