WWF Wrestlemania predictions

So are y’all all set for Wrestlemania? I like to watch the PPV’s. Anyway, any ideas for plot lines? I have a feeling Trish and Mama McMahon are hatching some kind of plot against Vinnie Mac.

My kind of thread! And why didn’t you come the the naked smackdown boozefest in MPSIMS?

Anyways from the rumors I’m hearing Trish might be in cahoots w/ HBK…Mick Foley wil return to fight for Linda setting up a HBK?Mankind match.

Other big rumor is the Hardyz will split at WM…Probably Lita will ending up costing them the titles…and Matt and Jeff will fight because of that…setting up singles pushes for both Boyz. I hope this does happen because I have a bet w/ my semi-boyfriend that Jeff Hardy will get the Intercontinental title by the end of 2001.

Can you tell I’m a big Jeff Hardy fan? :slight_smile:

Hiya hardygrrl. I have heard the rumor that the Hardyz were breaking up, but I think they should stay together. I don’t think they could compete with the upper card yet. Give them time to put on some size or learn some non-flying moves. They still look like tag team wrestlers. I have also heard they are turning heel.
My question is how will Pete Rose sneak up on Kane this year.

Hi Blur…

I’ve heard the heel turn rumor too. There’s also a rumor that HBK will return and form a stable w/ Jeff as a member.

I agree with you that the Hardyz-more Jeff than Matt-need to work on the tech skills…and mic skills too if they are going to main event status.

But I still will lust after Jeff no matter what. :slight_smile:

Great RAW tonight…Spike Dudley? I knew Rhino had working dark matches but Spike was a very welcome surprise. All we need now is Rob Van Dam on the Hardyz side for WM.

hardygrrl, I must kill you now. I didn’t see RAW yet and was going to read the report later. Now you have spoiled it for me. I will have to think of an appropriate punishment for you.
How long have you been a fan, anyway?

Since the Hogan in the WWf days…I stood by the WWF even during the ‘how many crappy gimmicks can we have at once’ days. Isaac Yankum,Double j, even Beaver Clevage…

If you can’t tell I also loved ECW…I miss ECW- bad production values and all.

Sorry about the spoiler…but come on it was SPIKE DUDLEY! Now we just need RVD to make things perfect:).

Can you imagine that WM match…Hardyz/RVD vs Edge/Christian/Rhino and the Dudleyz?

I’ll bet you now it’ll be Matt vs. Jeff at King of the Ring…wanna bet?
Again sorry…you can spank me if you want …

What was the worst WWF gimmick ever? I would say that it was either Akeem the African Dream or the Red Rooster…probably Akeem.

You want bad wrestling gimmicks? :slight_smile: No, you probably don’t, but you can find 'em at http://www.wrestlecrap.com/

My bet for the worst is the Gobbeldy Gooker.
– Spoffy

The Rock needs a heel turn, Steve Austin needs to retire, and Chris Jericho needs the Heavyweight Title Belt.

Edge & Christian need to get off this “surfer dude” gimmick, the Dudleyz need MORE TABLES, and the Hardy’s need to learn how to talk.

I’m sure to ruffle some feathers here, but it’s never been the fact that pro wrestling is fake that has ever bothered me. It’s the fact that pro wrestling is a badly acted fake. These guys must be the worst actors in the world. Where the heck did they ever find these guys? Dropouts from acting school? Students who got F’s and incompletes in acting? How can you guys watch such grossly incompetent acting?

OK hardygrrl, I’ll forgive you this time, only cause your too damn cool.
Major Feelgud, ruffle all the feathers you want, its your opinion, screw it if we don’t like it. Now then, bad wrestling is poorly acted. Good wrestling is a combination of athletics, (you can’t argue that most of them, even the ones that look out of shape are very athletic), soap opera style story lines, and some slapstick comedy. I think the fact that they are portrayed as larger than life individuals leads so some of the over the top and cheesey acting. A good wrestler will take an average move that doesn’t hurt so much and make you think “damn, that must hurt.”
One more thing, pro-wrestling is no more fake than Seinfeld, or Friends or any other TV show. No one thinks its real just like no one thinks Courtney Cox is really getting married to um… the guy who plays Chandler.

Just in time for Wrestlemania, its the WWF Drinking Game! That should liven up your next PPV/Raw/Smackdown party.

Thanks Blur!


I had a pit thread about wrestling a while back…and Blur states all my points from there. The fact they can pull off the incredible looking moves and NOT hurt each other that badly takes a lot of athletcism.

Plus sometimes the bad acting is very entertaining…Stephanie anyone?

I want Y2J to get the belt too ( for longer than 15 minutes this time).

Can’t wait until Backlash…I’ve got my backstage passes and Jeff Hardy here I come :slight_smile:

  • Hulk Hogan’s contract with the (soon-to be defunct?) WCW has just expired. He’s now free to show up anywhere. Including Wrestlemania…

  • Austin should turn heel, not the Rock.

  • HHH will hand the Undertaker his first Wrestlemania loss, leading to a long feud.

  • Linda will help Shane win.

  • Benoit completes a face turn.

  • ECW attempts a takeover

  • Dudley’s retain the tag-titles

  • Raven retains the hardcore

  • Trish dumps Vince

  • HBK makes an appearance either as referee in a main event, or to help HHH beat the Undertaker.

More predictions as matches are finalized!

I like these!

Hogan back in the WWF?


Sorry…sore subject.

I like E/C as surfer guys…their promos are so funny.

C on kazoo,E on vocals…

Benoit is here and he’s really mad!
Benoit is here and he’s really ANGRY!!
I want HBK and Foley back and RVD to join the WWF…since Spike Dudley seems to have arrived that’s one down.

Too bad they couldn’t have picked up Mike Awesome before WCW almost killed him w/ crap gimmicks…

And yes I’ve checked out wrestkecrap.com…that site kills!

Oh c’mon hardygrrl, you wouldn’t want to see the orange goblin back in the WWF for one last run? He wouldn’t be able to pull his backstage crap because he isn’t the star he thinks he is. Sure 15 years ago he was, but he never reached the star-power of Austin, Rock, Foley. Hell, wrestlers are always in TV shows and movies and commercials now, so Hulk would have to “pass the torch” if he came back. Vince would not take his crap. I think if booked correctly, Hogan could put over HHH or a heel Austin or heel Rock and go out in a blaze of glory, rather than the way he went out in WCW. Or if I were booking, just for you, Hulk would put over Jeff in the main event of SummerSlam.
Have you checked the latest news? WWF may be buying WCW again. What do you think of THAT one.

Awwww Blur…if only you WERE a booker…

I couldn’t stand Hogan then either. I was a Rowdy Roddy Piper fan.

IMHO I don’t think Vince would take Hogan and his ego back. From what I hear Vince has his hands full with other wrestlers wanting booking influence (HHH and Austin)and addinf Hogan to that backstage mix would not be pretty.

Plus could you really see hogan making a return and then jobbing to an up and comer? Again not with that ego.

But the more ECW stars the better…
I’m still in awe about the Spike surprise.

I even forgive Rhino for spearing Jeff and screwing the Boyz out of the belts. :slight_smile:

I disagree entirely. Acting isn’t always about portraying a convincing character - these wrestlers ARE supposed to be larger than life, after all - it’s being able to portray a consistent character.

Have you ever watched Who’s Line Is It Anyway? That’s exactly what the wrestlers do… improv. With the exception of most of the longer-winded speeches (which aren’t completely memorized, just given a basic layout), everything these wrestlers do is made up on the fly. The fact that they can pull off a wrestling match without killing each other, and manage to stay in character the whole time, proves that they are actually pretty damn good actors.

So Vince and the WWF have just bought WCW! I’m betting that changes a few things and plans! Anyone want to bet which organization Shane and Linda end up running?

New bet: Goldberg at Wrestlemania in some form!