WWhat's wrong with my PC? (Connection question)

First off, I’m running XP Pro, AVG anti-virus, Spybot (with Tea-Timer), and Zone-alarm free. I keep all of them updated. I use IE as my browser, but I have security set at the highest. (I used the settings suggested by www.pcpitstop.com.)
Despite my best efforts, I find myself unable to connect. According to my connection settings, I’m connected, yet I get a “server not found” error for every website I try to visit. AVG and Zone-Alarm both connect to update, but nothing else seems to work.
I currently have my old laptop connected to the same hardware as my desktop and it works fine.
So, fellow Dopers, any advise for me as far as what could be wrong with my desktop and how I can correct it?

Thanks in advance, DESK

Probably a damaged winsock, or bad DNS setting. Try downloading WinsockFix and running it. If that doesn’t correct it, we’ll hav a look at your DNS settings.

Winsockfix worked great; thanks again.

Peace - DESK