Check out what’s happened to this website.


Pretty funny…

Hmmm…guess I still haven’t figured out these darn codes. I’ll try again.


Oh my…::loud cheering:: Thanks for posting this, katmandu. I’m amused.

These people (please don’t call them “Christians”- that means “Christ-like” and they definately aren’t) seem to have forgotten one vital scripture reference:

“…God is love” 1 John 4:8. The beginning of that verse is interesting. It says “He that loveth not knoweth not God, for God is love”. I think that sums it up pretty well.

::snort:: This is the best!

“Eppur, si muove!” - Galileo Galilei

I’d give good money to see the reaction of some people who, say, had it set as their homepage…

“Eppur, si muove!” - Galileo Galilei

I can’t visit the site from work… what happened?

Now, if only someone could deal with the Father’s Manifesto page and the Chick Tracts page. Any interested hackers out there?

Auraseer, it’s become “godlovesfags.com”. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’d like to know what happened, though. The domain name could have been snatched away if the original owner didn’t renew in time, which is fine with me; but if they did anything underhanded to get it I would be disappointed. The people at godlovesfags say they’re not sure how it happened.

“Eppur, si muove!” - Galileo Galilei

Owned by the Baptist Church?
Just give em a Ping
Nuff said:

Westboro Baptist Church (GODHATESFAGS-DOM)
P.O. Box 913
Newport, NH 03773


Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
Haight, Kris (KH2205) khaight@SUGAR-RIVER.NET
Billing Contact:
Haight, Kris (KH2205) khaight@SUGAR-RIVER.NET

Here’s the story:

Perfect. There is a certain amount of justice attached to this. Phelps…what a wierdo. Sad to be so full of hate.

Thanks for the info, Topolino. I love a good hack; but I would have preferred it if they had lost control through their own mistakes, rather than subterfuge. Maybe we’ll find out who really did it (and how) later. Of course, if I had that kind of power, there are all sorts of websites I’d like to reroute. ::evil laugh::

“Eppur, si muove!” - Galileo Galilei

Here’s the InterNIC whois info still reflects Westboro Baptist Church. You can see it by going to allwhois.com and pulling up the domain.

This means that the switch must have been pulled on the hosting provider level. Either the domain has been pointed in the name servers zone record, or, a cgi script or meta refresh is being forced off the index.html page.

I hope it stays that way. :slight_smile:

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Ohmigod, Katmandu. Thanks so much for posting this. This has been the funniest, happiest news I’ve seen in a long time.

Anyone care to bet that, within one month, they start a related website called godhateshackers.com?

Oh my, that is one of the coolest bits of news I’ve heard recently. Love it!

Something in me says that godhateshackers.com wouldn’t be a very good idea…

Well, that certainly didn’t last long enough. The hatemongers got the site back.
It was a nice try by whoever forged all the info.
I am sure that wasn’t the first, nor the last time they will be hit.


From the news article posted above:

“Kris Haight of Newport, New Hampshire, who has run the godlovesfags.com site for about six months, said he received an anonymous email Monday night saying to “pay close attention to the godshatesfags.com Internic information over the next few days.” The next thing he knew, control of godshatesfags.com was his, through no action of his own.”

Maybe it was God?

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