Everybody go to http://www.weirdpirates.com It will become the greatest site on the web!!!11

A) False assertion: A lame, cheezy serialz/mp3z site that doesn’t even have any serialz/mp3z yet (“Coming soon!”) cannot, by definition, be “the greatest site on the web!!!11”

B) This is the greatest site on the web, marred only by the presence of ‘lamerz’ who post links to pirate-wannabe-sites.

C) Go away kid, you bother me.


Umm, yeah, might wanna read that, since you may have committed libel.
Oh and btw, I was joking. It was made by a friend last year and I was making fun of him.
So yeah…

What was your point? The site doesn’t work. Were you doing this just to link to the Doper libel thread? If so, sounds a bit like entrapment.

How could that POSSIBLY be liable???

Do you know what that word means?

kgriffey79, you obviously don’t know what libel means.

Also, your website doesn’t seem to work. Give its intentions as described by Fenris (who apparently got to the site before it got pulled/you turned your PC off/you got reported to your ISP/whatever), I think it’s safe to say this thread is closed.