WYSIWYG web based web page editor

I got a call asking if I would be interested in having a package installed on my web hosting account that would enable me to modify my pages in a graphical click drag etc environment from any browser just like making a word document. In addition it provides handling for user logins/accounts supposedly all with a fairly simple interface,

He wants to meet with me…blah blah…I get the feeling that this package is pricey.

Is there something out there that does this that may be a free/low cost package of PHP/java that this guy may be selling at a massive markup.

I’m a pretty good hardware guy, but not a web guy, just wondering if there is something out there that can A: help me out, this sounds pretty cool. B: If it is this simple/kick ass of a package, I would like to have it and would probably make my life much easier being able to do quick edits from any pc.

Chances are that guy is selling a content management system(cms) integrated with a wsywig editor…There are quite a free versions of both, and also quite a few not-free ones.

Two free content management systems are drupal, and radiantcms. Or you can look here for others.

Two free wsywig editors are tinyMCE and FCKeditor. Look for javascript wsywig editors to find the rest. These don’t do much of anything without a script (to save it to a db to be served later, or some such thing) on the server to process the html they create.

This sounds kinda like what the guy is talking about but I do not have a brand/software vendor name. I am a little leary of being sold a pirated or freebie package.