X-Files Retrospective: "Space" Season 1-Ep 9

I’ll do these until I get bored of it.

If anyone doesn’t know, X-Files was remastered a while back and looks great in HD and widescreen. Hopefuly they do it to DS9 someday.

Wiki says this is Chris Carter’s least favorite episode and it was supposed to be cheap and ran way over budget, mentioning the “Command Center”.

I totally believe its Carters least favorite, but THAT Command Center ran them over budget?? Did the REAL NASA do their budget?? Before I even found that out, I was going to mention how its totally understandable a TV show can’t do Apollo 13, i would hope the command center has more than six people (Including Mulder and Scully). Also, as with TV operating rooms, and TV courtrooms, Houston’s command center is lit like a mood heavy TV show.

last nitpick, X-Files always acts like it wants to be a procedural show, so its slightly annoying when they don’t do the little things. Turn on red and blues when approaching a wreck in the rain. At least giving lip service to a wreck victim with a bleeding head having a concussion…etc…

Oh, another general nitpick about X-Files though we don’t see it in this ep: Everyone and their cat treating Mulder and Scully like they’re dog-catchers or Kolchak the reporter* rather than frigging FBI AGENTS.

*Yes I know about the connection. I’ do a retrospective of that show, but I’m afraid few people here would remember enough about it.

oh the ep…yeah its slow. Ed Lauter does his normal good Ed Lauter. Its that TZ ep “And When the Sky Was Opened” streched out to an hour. A long hour.

One of my least favorite episodes of the show. Certainly the low point of season 1.

So, who are these aliens? Obviously not the black oil aliens.

I guess this was written before the idea of the mytharc was formalized.