X is just like Y, only ________.

My first game thread. I remember we had a lot of fun with this in college. It wasn’t even necessarily a drinking game.

I’ll start.

Kick Boxer 3 is just like Star Wars, only it’s not in outer space, and there’s more kicking.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

An apple is just like an orange, except that it’s less round and … apple-flavored.

Ordinarily I’d say I’m no good at this, but maybe that’s the point? :smiley:

I’ll try.

“Clueless” is just like “Tombstone”, only it’s not a western and there are a lot of rich high school kids in the movie.

Germany is just like Italy except they drive slower.

An actual example from Cafe Society about the Ellen Degeneres/Iggy story:


love this excerpt from one of the articles in the OP:
It’s hard not to see certain striking parallels between Iggygate and the plight of Elián Gonzalez, the Cuban boy whose custody and immigration status set off an international incident.

Other than the fact one involved humans and a major clash between a democracy and a communist state with 50 years of armed-to-the-teeth animosity between them and resulted in near riots in two countries and blemished a presidency and achieved worldwide attention and scorn for the use of gestapo tactics in dragging a child from a house and then returning him to a Third World Country his mother had died to escape from, and the other involved a dog and a talkshow host, the analogy is uncanny.