X-Men 3 (spoilers)

I finally got to see the movie tonight. Nice special effects, and a good movie overall.

However, I have to ask this:
At the end, why didn’t they just sneak Leech up near Jean and neutralize her powers?

I don’t know. That’s exactly what I was hoping would happen. Nobody has to die, and it fits the setup perfectly.

I guess they wanted to show off the nifty disintegrate/regenerate Wolverine effect. Well, that and kill Jean again.

His powers didn’t really work from far away. She would have just killed him before he got close. You can’t really sneak up on a telepath.

Y’know, I just realized something: it’s actually a good thing for the story that Nightcrawler didn’t return for the third movie, or else all the questions about giving Jean the cure or putting Leech close to her would’ve been a lot more legitimate.

I’ll share with you a nitpick I had that annoyed me for a while. Kitty runs in to save Leech, grabs him and tries to walk through the wall. Suprise suprise, it doesn’t work. Well, duh, Kitty, he stops powers working! The whole film has been about how he stops powers working! Beast met him and got un-beasted!

And then I realised she doesn’t know his power is* involuntary*…
I worked up a good fan hissy fit over that. All wasted. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still…could Strom have found a way to ‘thow’ Leach at Jean or Magneto?

Ah…probably not.

Or* throw* even?

I’ll go you one better: why didn’t Wolverine just walk up and stab her with a cure dart, instead of impaling her on his claws? For that matter, why was hitting Magneto with a dart such an (apparently) weighty moral decision for Wolverine, when he didn’t think twice about wading into a pack of mutants and hacking them to death?

It kinda seemed to me Wolverine didn’t start out intending to stab her. He just wanted to get close and reason with her. After she shredded him for awhile and he got close anyway, she realized she was being taken over by her powers, and forced Wolverine to stab her.

Plastic/glass - melty, melty?

It wasn’t a weighty decision for Wolverine. It was one for Beast.

Yeah, the general answer to questions about Jean and Wolverine is: darts and Leech don’t have healing factors.

Now, how Wolverine managed to keep his pants from being psychically disintegreated is another question entirely.

I saw it today.

Should have been two movies. One doing the final confrontation between the Brotherhood and X-men. One telling the Phoenix story.

I have to say… this wasnt very good.

It was a mess of hodge podge ideas.

Was Xavier “evil”?
Angel didn’t do anything.
Why go out of their way to give Madrox an intro and then use him for a throwaway gag?
Why not explore the idea of the “mark”(tattoos for passing mutants to show solidarity with freaky looking ones)? That was much more interesting than the Kitty/Iceman/Rogue love triangle. I really didn’t like the idea that freaky looking people equaled evil, preppies equaled good.
They wussyed out on the bit where Wolverine was fighting the guy whose limbs grew back immediately… he should have cut of his head and said “Grow that back!”
I did really like Beast in the final battle. They should have given him more hoity toity lines earlier to make his quotation “oh you get the idea” line to actually be funny.
How did Kitty know where Leech was?
Cerebero couldn’t find Magneto’s army?
Callisto’s referencing of “power levels” was weird. Is there like a published list of what mutants are what levels? They should have just called her “Ms. Easy Plot” Magento didn’t have to do anything. Callisto would just show up and say “The plot point we are looking for is over here.”
Alcatraz is one of the securest places in the country? Really? An island in the middle of a heavy traffic-ed bay by a major city that is a major tourist attraction and easily reached by boat or helicopter… is one of the securest places in the country? Really?
It was daylight when Magneto dropped the bridge on Alcatraz…then moments later its late at night. Whose mutant power is that?
Why was Colossus even in this one? Other than the fast ball specials he didn’t do jack.

Poor way to end the series… I wouldn’t mind them taking another stab at the franchise.

She probably momentarily forgot, anyway. I have a grandmother who’s hearing isn’t that great, and even though I know this I sometimes forget to speak loudly to her.

I didn’t like the greater focus on Storm, because I thought Halle Berry did a poor job. I didn’t like her in the first one either. She didn’t seem as bad in the second one though.

I thought both #2 and #3 were really dumb. FTR, I thought #1 was mediocre too.

Here’s why I think they missed the boat. All three movies are too “meta.” Instead of being about the X-Men fighting villians, they’re all about “mutant-ness” and the big pic. The flicks are too self-important, too talky, too serious.

I want to see these guys fighting villains and winning, not debating with Magneto.

#3 was a downer. Apparently this wasn’t the story in the comic, so it’s pretty gratuitous. Just poorly written, and, at the end of the day, stupid.

If you’re saying what I think you’re saying, you’re mistaken. In the comic, the storyline ended in a depressing fashion as well, with Jean committing suicide in front of the love of her life, Scott Summers. 'Course, she came back to life, but no one knew that she’d do that then.

…except for Jean coming back and being referred to as Phoenix… this movie had nothing to do with the Dark Phoenix storyline.

We saw it yesterday, but we didn’t stay long enough to see

Dr. Xavier talk to Moira after the credits. But who was Moira? What were her superpowers?

Moira MacTaggert is just a geneticist and friend of Xavier. She’s not a mutant.

Thanks. Did she appear in the movie at all prior to that scene?