X-Men: Are the Sentinels really still active, or is it a hoax?

In the debate about the Mutant Registration Act (in GD. Really) I posted about high-level telepaths. This continuation would have been several years ahead of the rest of the thread, & off-topic. I started to claim that hey, wandering stream-of-consciousness outside of context must be my mutant ability! Just like Buford Hollis has the mutant ability to drive anything! Bwah-hahahah! But I relented. New thread, new forum, new yellow-&-black uniform:

Hey, do the Sentinels actually still exist, or does someone (Xavier?) just project the belief in their continued operation on those he meets to foster paranoia in the parahuman community? Ever notice that Sentinels come across in the stories as boogeymen with an infinity of responses? Hardly seems likely.

I mean, I know the official Marvel line is that it’s all real–well, equally real–well, real enough for the story, but doesn’t it seem to you awfully at odds with the world–even the Marvel world–as we otherwise know it that the government is rounding up people with super-super-robots?

On the other hand, there are those who wish to foster an overriding racial identity as “mutant” in the mutant-powered section of the populace. Magneto, say, seeking to be able to exploit that identity in his followers. How many of the Marvel mutant stories fit just as well into the Marvel Universe if they’re psychic illusions or bald-faced lies? How much anti-mutant hysteria is psionically “goosed”?

I don’t know about the Ultimate Universe, where this seems to be a little different, but in the mainstream MU, it’s not really “the government” running the Sentinels program. Rather, it’s small groups within the government who create the Sentinel programs in black-ops divisions. So while the government as a whole isn’t necessarily on a mutant-killing rampage all the time, every several months some group or other within the DoD that’s headed by some crackpot gets its hands on enough funding to do so.


Right… Chris Carter’s “unelected shadow government.” And being a bunch of faceless black-funded goons, sort of unverifiable. Have we ever met anyone (outside of the early pre-Claremont stuff) whose brother or next-door neighbor grew up to join the mutant control forces? Does anyone come home to the barbecue & tell stories about rounding up freaks?

These “government agencies” don’t exist!

Yeah, this is a weird thread. You kind of had to be in the spirit of the MRA thread, &, well, be me, to get into this line of thinking.

I’ll go think about more pleasant things, like Vince Colletta inking John Buscema…

Let’s see…you’re powerful enough to plant a delusion in the minds of ever mutant - including the world’s most powerful telepaths - Phoenix, Charles Xavier, others - that they’ve repeatedly been attacked - and friends and associates killed and injured by - giant robots, as well as giving quite a few normal humans delusions of having used them or getting caught in the crossfire…

And you can’t just alter the minds of non-mutants to (depending on your intentions) accept or else worship mutants/you? Or, hell, just make every mutant in the world

Makes a whole lot less sense than anti-mutant bigots in the government building actual giant robots.

Er…FIIIINISHING this thought…

Make every mutant in the world an anti-human bigot without implanting easily disproven delusions.

Yes, in the Marvel Universe, the Sentinels are really active. It’s probably one of the more realistic premises out the whole shabang.

And what gives? Out of the first 8 posts, five of them are the original poster, and more than half are continuing a conversation with himself.

This thread is in the vein of the Mutant registration Act thread in great debates which is mostly serious except for a few wisecrackers. Thusly, this is an honest question regarding whether or not Sentinels exist or if alpha level telepath Charles Xavier is using his powers to foster global paranoia. At least I think that’s what he’s going for.

In that spirit, I say thee nay mortal. The sentinels do exist simply because of all of the damage caused by them. No human, alpha level mutant or otherwise, could sustain telepathy at sucha high level to affect so many minds for such a long period. It’s too grand of an illusion.