X-Men evo: 10/4/03. Commentary & Spoilers & Mardi Gras Beads. (Oh my!)

Not a bad little ep. Good Rogue/Remy “bonding.” Some mutant-fu.

But, most importantly, Rogue and Gambit visited New Orleans.

During Mardi Gras.

And Rogue, after a commercial, was wearing a couple of bead necklaces.

:eek: :cool:

Is there not a, er, a well established technique of obtaining such necklaces during Mardi Gras?

And on a U.S. broadcast cartoon, on a Saturday morning, no less!

I have new faith in the artistic potential of my country.

What was the deal with Gambit’s accent, or the lack thereof?

Hey, that’s true! She DID get beads! Is her skin pale or is that mutation?

I liked people complimenting Nightcrawler on his “costume”.

At least Spyke wasn’t in this one. And we got to find out what happened to Magneto’s flunkies (Went back to Russia, playing with yarn, just gone missing, and just laughing at Magneto’s death, respectively).

I think the paleness is part of her Goth schtick, Sam. I haven’t seen her that pale in any of her other incarnations, so I’m assuming it’s makeup. Regrettably, there are other ways of obtaining beads, but it pleases me to think that Rogue went the traditional route. :smiley:

I loved Pyro’s explanation of where his former allies were, especially “Sabertooth’s off playing with a ball of yarn somewhere…”

Is it anything like when Sharona got really drunk and the next morning found herself wearing a bunch of colorful bead necklaces in Mexico on that episode of Monk?

That’s a LOT of makeup to put on every morning, though. Given the fact that X-Men don’t lead sedentary lifestyles, would it make sense for her to have to slather on that much stuff every day? Think of the drycleaning. And she’d leave white marks everywhere. I vote mutation. However, my knowledge of Goth fashion and habits is almost nonexistant, so I may very well be wrong.

Pyro’s enjoyment of Magneto’s death was interesting. Apparently, if they didn’t like him (and we’ve seen that he and Piotr (I can’t for my life spell his mutant name) didn’t, at least, and that Gambit wasn’t in love with Magneto either, why work for him? Also, Pyro didn’t mention Mastermind. Oversight or significant?

This thread reminds me of something. Has anyone ever seen the video Batman: Mask of the Phantasm? At one point, Bruce is visited by an old girlfriend. IIRC, the scene then shifts to something else, and when we next see Wayne Manor, it’s the next morning and Bruce’s girlfriend is wearing his shirt :wink:

Diceman, I’m going to have to rewatch my video now just to check for that!

Just for the record, the whole bead thing (and the traditional method for a woman to obtain them) is pretty near year-round on Bourbon Street. I was there in October a few years back, and yes.

But isn’t Rogue a bit young? I had thought that most of the characters in this version were high schoolers.